Monday, March 21, 2016

Coffee Break!

For some reason, I love the coffee mentality. I don't mean the energy it gives some people (not me, unfortunately), but just the way you feel when you think of coffee. I stumbled upon keurig pods on Pinterest somehow, which brought me down the Internet Hole, this time manifested in Amazon. I looked up basically everything. How cheap could I get keurig pods (a penny! But with $6 shipping :P) to coffee accessories. And I found the cutest single cup coffee maker:

From Amazon. For only twenty bucks!
I will need this for my future dorm room. It doesn't take keurigs, though. We have one in the kitchen, but I don't think I'll be able to take it with me when I move out. ;)

Then I remembered that the last time I got sucked in by the Internet was for coffee syrups. So I googled them again and found a ton more that I love, which I put on my Coffee and Tea pinterest board.

This reminded me that last time I pinned a bunch, I put them on my food board instead. While in the process of moving them to their proper place, I found a link to cappuccino pancakes! And realized that I had all of the ingredients on had. So guess what I keep getting up every few minutes to flip? ;) Maybe I did something wrong while doubling the recipe, but it seemed really thick, so I added about a cup more of milk. And now the coffee flavor isn't strong enough. :P So I just added a little bit more, and we'll see if that works.

EDIT: Pancakes were fine, but the mocha sauce is to DIE FOR. You need this in your life.

I wonder where my next Internet wormhole will take me...maybe into the land of tea.

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  1. Cute!!!! I love the color too!!!!