Monday, March 21, 2016

Coffee Break!

For some reason, I love the coffee mentality. I don't mean the energy it gives some people (not me, unfortunately), but just the way you feel when you think of coffee. I stumbled upon keurig pods on Pinterest somehow, which brought me down the Internet Hole, this time manifested in Amazon. I looked up basically everything. How cheap could I get keurig pods (a penny! But with $6 shipping :P) to coffee accessories. And I found the cutest single cup coffee maker:

From Amazon. For only twenty bucks!
I will need this for my future dorm room. It doesn't take keurigs, though. We have one in the kitchen, but I don't think I'll be able to take it with me when I move out. ;)

Then I remembered that the last time I got sucked in by the Internet was for coffee syrups. So I googled them again and found a ton more that I love, which I put on my Coffee and Tea pinterest board.

This reminded me that last time I pinned a bunch, I put them on my food board instead. While in the process of moving them to their proper place, I found a link to cappuccino pancakes! And realized that I had all of the ingredients on had. So guess what I keep getting up every few minutes to flip? ;) Maybe I did something wrong while doubling the recipe, but it seemed really thick, so I added about a cup more of milk. And now the coffee flavor isn't strong enough. :P So I just added a little bit more, and we'll see if that works.

EDIT: Pancakes were fine, but the mocha sauce is to DIE FOR. You need this in your life.

I wonder where my next Internet wormhole will take me...maybe into the land of tea.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

While Home Alone

Today my parents get back from a six day trip to Mexico. Two of my younger siblings stayed at my grandma's house, so it was just us older four (ages 15 to 21) and the youngest, a two year old. Here's what I learned while home alone (with a bunch of sibs).

1. No one cleans unless they have to, and you don't have to until the day your parents are supposed to be back.
I was the one who shoveled. 
2. Don't just buy dairy and gluten products when you go to the store. We basically just got milk, eggs, bagels, pita bread, and labne, a Middle Eastern yogurt/cheese thing we add garlic powder to and eat with the pita bread. We should also have gotten meat and snack food.

3. Yes, your other siblings can handle being alone with the baby while one person leaves. I babysat someone else's kids, my sister went on a date, one brother went to school (the rest of us are on break), and another brother went all the way to Ann Arbor to get the Phantom Menace, because NONE of the closer libraries had it. It's not the end of the world.  

4. I make a wicked good caramel sauce.
Pair this with some coffee! Recipe from Ree Drummond
5. Watch all the movies you want, but schedule them. Staying up until 12 two nights in a row was probably not a good idea, especially since one was a school night.

6. Prayers do work--the mom of those kids I babysat is having another baby, and instead of its head facing down, it was lying more like a banana (???). But it's good now! :D

7. Always treat your neighbors well, because you might get stuck in your driveway and need their help.
Our neighbors are awesome.

8. It's going to be a relief when my parents get back, but I'm glad they could go have fun. :)