Saturday, February 20, 2016


  1. I hate writing intros to blog posts so I'm just not gonna.
  2. After watching this video by iiSuperwomanii (FYI there's some language), I decided to pull out the whiteboard from my closet to make a "Done" list of all that I did that day. The only problem is that I did a TON that day, which made today seem not as good. Still, I want to keep at it for at least a week to see how it goes. Maybe it will make me feel more productive, or at least realize that I'm not as lazy as I thought. Or maybe it will do the opposite.
  3. My licence arrived in the mail today! It's honestly not what I wanted to arrive (still waiting for the ipod we got off ebay), but hey, I'm not complaining. The picture looks much better now than when I first saw it as the DMV.
  4. I've been compiling a huge list of music in my head to add to said ipod. Hopefully it'll come Monday, since it can't on Sunday. :P But goodness knows the post office employees need a day off.
  5. I painted my nails white, then picked two of my mom's nail polish and made polka dots. My two year old bro calls them "po-ko dots". Such adorbs.
  6. I currently go to a youth group that's slowing failing. The start of the ear was awesome--the guy in charge is 22 and was really honest about his own relatable struggles, so we were all pretty happy with him. But I think SOMEONE ELSE (like, ya know, his employer) wanted him to go a different rout that some call...controlling. And I'd have to agree. I don't think I'll last the year there, but I've been thinking about making sort of an anti-yg the day before, and maybe my friends and I will just do that instead.
  7. I haven't replied to any comments yet, and for that I'm sorry. I suck at that. For some reason comments really stress me out, despite how overwhelmingly positive they were in my last post. I was truly touched, y'all. Thanks.

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  1. What matters most to me is that my blogging friend is back. Oh yes, I have failed to get a drivers license BUT I do now have a state ID card AND a voters ID. And youth group wise, I can kinda understand. I went for the longest time to a church that was failing due to division that was leading younger people to leave and no young families joining. Currently on Wedsday night I go to the local Baptist church for youth group. I disagree with the youth lead, Gaddy, in multiple things. For the most part he is a ok leader but he has made before some claims that were untrue and weird. For your mention on music, ya can buy used and in very good condition for less than a dollar on Amazon then burn them onto your computer and sync the burnt Cds music onto your iPod. It takes awhile but it is worth it. : ) sorry for how annoying I can be. I posted a first part of a short story on my blog. Please read it and tell me what ya think.