Sunday, August 23, 2015

Liebster Award!

I LOVE getting tagged for awards an' stuff, but unfortunately I don't always have time to do them. :( I've been in a blogging/reading slump for a while, but I just finished a book that pulled me out of it (Every Last Word--review to come!) So if someone's tagged me and I haven't gotten to it, I'm sorry! I'm still really grateful, even if I don't end up posting it. Briana @ Reader, Writer, Critic (a blogger I've admired for a super long time!!!) tagged me for the Liebster Award. Let's go. :)

1. What is your favorite quote?
Hm. Tough one. You can see all of them on Goodreads, but here's a couple more:
There's this:
BBC Sherlock

And this:
Gone With the Wind
And 'The Old Astronomer to His Pupil', by Sarah Williams.

And this: "My heart never says Why? only Who?" Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl

2. Do you tend to borrow or buy books more?
Buy! I like to keep them looking pretty on my shelves, even though I almost never re-read them.

3. What is your least favorite type of dessert and why?
Hm...maybe cake. I love it every once in a while, but you can only have so much till you burst. Ice cream, on the other hand? I can have that all day, any day. Which is why I work at an ice cream place. ;)

4. If you could be a MC in a Disney movie, who would you be and why?
None of them. :P I love Disney, but I wouldn't want to be in any of the movies, except maybe Enchanted.

5. Is there a restaurant or store you visit on a regular basis?
Haha, yes. I work at an ice cream place, so I get things FREE while working and 50% off when I or my family just stops by. I go more than any other employee combined.

6. Is the career you currently have, or dream of having related to books, reading, or writing?
Surprisingly no. I'm going into criminal justice/FBI stuff.

7. Do you have a best blogger buddy? Who?
I more of a loner blogger, actually. There are several I admire, and several more that whose posts I can't wait to read, but I seriously need to start commenting more. I'm afraid I won't be coherant, but I think I usually am? So yeah.

8. Is there any kind of book you won’t read or try?
I usually leave paranormal alone...too weird, and I can't suspend my disbelief for very long.

9. What is your favorite thing about each season?
Winter: ICE, ICE BABY. And peppermint and Christmas and happiness.
Fall: IT"S ALMOST FALL!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! Back to school shopping, pumpkin everything, long sleeves, sweaters, and coziness.
Summer: cream? But you can have that any time. I like flip-flops and swimming though.
Spring: that term does not compute for this Michigander.

10. Do you have any superstitions?
No...? I think.

11. If you were to re-name yourself, what name would you pick?
Hm...I probably wouldn't. Julia is #26 of the most popular names in my birth year, but I only know, like, three that are within three years of my age, and I don't know them well, so I guess it's not overused or underused. Rebecca's a cool name though.

Thanks for tagging me, Briana! I'm kind of in a blogging slump, so I'm just going to finish this post. Any one who wants to do this can, and just use the questions above. <3 you all!


  1. Don't feel bad about your blogging slump (if you do--I know I did. About mine, that is). I feel like a lot of bloggers go through blogging slumps in the summer...oh well, such is life. Life is to be lived above blogged, so as long as your living, you're good! =)

    What fun questions and answers! I very much enjoyed reading them. Love the quotes especially. And Julia is a very pretty name! One of my childhood bestfriends names was Julia.

    1. Thanks, Anne Marie (Marie is on of my favorite names, BTW)! I think I'm going to blog less about books and more about other stuff in my life. As much as I love books, I have a ton of other hobbies, too! I'd also like to start writing fiction again...I'm in a LOT of slumps right now, apparently.

  2. Blogging slumps are the worst and I totally know how it goes, so no worries. Aw, I have admirers! ;) Thanks girl, you're too sweet. Ice cream is one of the best foods known to man kind. I loved your answers and thanks for posting. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner!

    1. Thanks for tagging me, Briana! As long as I take to finish these, I love answering questions about myself. :#)