Friday, July 17, 2015

July Uppercase Box!

Last month I vlogged about my first experience with Uppercase, a subscription service that sends you a book each month, plus bookish goodies! Uppercase Box is so much fun, because what's better than a surprise each month? I have the Expert Pick subscription, where Lisa picks the book. You can also choose a personalized box (say, if you hate fantasy--you can opt out of those and get something else instead), or you can get just the book of the month. Most of the fun for me is the stuff that comes with it, so Expert Pick, at $30 a month, is perfect.

They always come in these sacks.
Book this month: Finding Audrey
One of my favorite reviewers gave this one star...fortunately we have opposite tastes. I'll probably love it.
Also in the box:
Socks (YIPPEE! I've actually see these on pinterest before and really wanted them. They're a smidge too big, but super adorable.)
Books marks with quotes from Paper Towns (which I'm totally going to get from the library tomorrow)
A coffee sleeve which promptly made me go to the coffee shop uptown
A book club ice-breaker booklet
A personalized note from Lisa
The author's signature (Sophie Kinsella).
A few of my favorite things!
Yes, my church is having an ice cream social soon. That's all the silverware in the background.
I also got a new dress today!
I can't wait for August's book of the month!


  1. interesting.... Was reading a Jill Williamson book but sadly I learned what happens when you loose all access to our Amazon Kindle account due to losing the dadgum passwords for Amazon Kindle : (.....

  2. and yes, i'm back to logging after takng a break. I wrote another poem if ya wanna check it out. it's on my blog. My writing style is spontaneous . I have a so called plan of what I wanna do and then I end up writing whatever ideas hit me at the time I had been writing. And do you listen to music when you write? I do. Mostly country music.

  3. ou church had a ice cream social? yummy! I ain't involved with anything at my church other than sunday school and the morning church service. Gave up on getting involved with anything else. Don't know nobody there. misfit and too messed up for the girls there to stand. Also sometimes
    I feel shot down by the sunday school teacher for being too willing to answer and ask ?'s about the bible verses we read. I'm Southern Baptist btw. Tend to disagree with my techers about Bible verses meanings sometimes. I don't back down when I make a point so that can become a issue. Imagine a 17 year old boy in the middle of a sunday school class or youth group who in the middle of the teacher talking about what this verse means and it's application and down right tells the teacher he is wrong about his point. In a class where whatever the teacher says goes. Normally. Previous churches I went to encouraged that way of thinking and to say what you think in Snday school or whatever ya call it. I speak my mind and really could care less if those around agree or disagree. That can be good and bad. Also my dad is a minister in training and the amount of time at a church spent can vary if folks like his preaching or not. He used to preach sometimes at our old church but his way of preaching straight from the bible did not work well in a old ex KJV only church that is now once again KJV only. Never know when church members will start hearing him sometimes preach and him becoming a church elder and we will have to leave again b/c of other elders disagreeing. The new minister who took over the position my dad and other elders were competing for which was being the successor of our minister before he retired and in other words the main pastorwas taken by a guy who came from elsewhere who my dad disagreed with. So we left that church. It seems so long ago. That's why I no longer am involved with church socials. have not taken the time to talk to many. I'm soon to graduate high school. 2 years left.

  4. My writings and rhymes get shot down by family members for being too dark... Lots of disapproval of content . My parents condemn it for being violent and freaky. For it having mild use of alcohol in sections. And for the cover art. Disagreements over if it is inappropriate. I'd say not good for folks that don't like violent books were the antagonist is a person who has taken over America via gang violence and the protagonist is is a Christian and CHristians are the minority that have not joined the person who have not bowed down to the antagonist who is a communist who sold her soul and has made most folks become followers of her. HAlf of her followers being folks she has made become violent killers due to making lies to them about her being able to give them whatever they want in return i.e. power, money, sex. the protagonist is to murder the antagonist. The antagonist is more than someone who sold her soul she became a arch demon of some sort. the protagonist is a 13 year old Christian who has been destined to kill the enemy. I know , the whole book plot is idiotic and weird. and what is your book about? Sorry for being sooo annoying btw. Gotta go.