Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stacking the Shelves

Hey y'all! I'm linking up at Tynga's Reviews for all of the books I've collected this week!

Currently Reading:

I pre-ordered this a while ago and was so excited when it arrived the day it came out! Naila visits Pakistan with her family, where they force her into an arranged marriage. I read in a review that there's a rape scene, but I saw it in the "age 7 to 12" section in Barnes and Noble yesterday. Hm.

A very bland book about a very bland woman who goes in search of her long lost family. Meh.

I love me a good audio book! I've been making hats for premature babies and chemo caps for, well, older kids while listening to it. I'll include a picture of them all in my review.

I'm also reading Night of the Nindroids with my little brother, Michael. He does Zane's voice and I do everyone else. By the time we'll be done, it'll be almost his birthday, which leads me to the next picture:

Barnes and Noble/Library

I'm going to give This Is Not a Book to Michael for his seventh birthday. He helped me with a lot of Wreck This Journal's prompts and really enjoyed it, and I promised him his own once he learned to read.

It's next to impossible to get a good picture of The City of Ember because of its dark cover, but I bought it and its sequel, The People of Sparks, for 50 cents each at the library. Score!

I mainly got Listen, Slowly from the library because of its gorgeous cover, but the synopsis drew me in as well. It's about a girl who goes to Vietnam! This seems to be an international reading week for me.

And there you have it! What kind of covers do you like best: elaborate colors like Listen, Slowly or simplistic ones like The Fault in Our Stars?


  1. Big fan of the Lunar Chronicles, though I have yet to finish Cress! It's been taking me a really long time for some reason. As for covers, I think it depends on the story. Great post and have an awesome week!

    1. Thanks, Anne Marie! Cress certainly is pretty long. :P The audio book was 16 hours!

  2. I love any kind of cover as long as it's beautiful. (-: Oh! How's Cress? I haven't read it yet, and I'm dying to. (-:

    1. Cress was pretty good! I like it better than Scarlet.