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Hitler's Daughter

Hitler's DaughterHitler's Daughter by Jackie French
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If someone wronged you, is it ever right to take it out on their family members?
Her name was Heidi, and she was Hitler's daughter. 

It began on a rainy morning in Australia, as part of a game played by Mark and his friends. It was a storytelling game, and the four friends took turns weaving tales about fairies and mermaids and horses. But Anna's story was different this time: it was not a fairy tale or an adventure story. The story was about a young girl who lived during World War II. Her name was Heidi, and she was Hitler's daughter.

As Anna's story unfolds, Mark is haunted by the image of Hitler's daughter. He wonders what he would have done in her place if he had known his father was an evil man leading the world into a war that was destroying millions of lives. And if Mark had known, would he have had the power and determination to stop him?
For being less than 150 pages, Hitler's Daughter packs a punch. Can you ever blame the family of someone who hurt you? Does it depend on what they did? How could their children have changed things?
captain america animated GIF
This is Heidi! Hitler keeps her out of the way, so she hardly knows what was going on. She just wants people to be safe.
There were some obvious plot holes that were never addressed, particularly about Hitler. What did he expect to do with Heidi when she grew up? Since her face had a huge birthmark and she walked with a limp, did he just expect her to hide out with Fraulein Gelber forever?

Not much happens plot-wise, but there's a sense of urgency that makes it hard to stop reading. Since Hitler's daughter was obviously a secret (or, ya know, fictional), what could happen to her at the end of the book? The answer turns out to be pretty anticlimactic. Spoiler: Heidi is Anna's grandmother. I got to admit, I was expecting some more...personal, like Heidi being Anna herself. She never mentioned her grandma until the very end.

Despite all that, it's a really good story. I was reading it during choir, and so was the guy next to me! I hope he gets it from the library to finish it.

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Language: A
Violence: A. Heidi barely knows a holocaust is going on, so there aren't many details.

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