Thursday, January 29, 2015

Modern Decency #2--After School

As I scrolled through a modesty board that I'm apart of on Pinterest, I got annoyed by the lack of pins with pants in them. I'd say 3/4 are of ankle length skirts and the rest of the pins have knee length ones. There's, like, three pins in all that contain pants. I thought, Sheesh, people. Post the way I want. Then I realized that was stupid and the only way to change things was to do it myself. Hence, this post.

This is something I'd wear to youth group or after school, as I hang out while my sister is at play practice.

"Hey Mary, can you take a picture of me?"

"Sure, but I'm doing school work."

Pants: from my mom. They're not actually purple; that's just the lighting.
Purple shirt: thrift shop, $4
Purple and green scarf: birthday gift from said sister.

Later I'll be doing a post on what I wear to class. My school has a crazy dress code I'd love to post about.

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