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BlindBlind by Rachel DeWoskin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can I just point out that cover? I am all for elaborate ones, but I think this one is absolutely perfect for the book.
When Emma Sasha Silver loses her eyesight in a nightmare accident, she must relearn everything from walking across the street to recognizing her own sisters to imagining colors. One of seven children, Emma used to be the invisible kid, but now it seems everyone is watching her. And just as she's about to start high school and try to recover her friendships and former life, one of her classmates is found dead in an apparent suicide. Fifteen and blind, Emma has to untangle what happened and why - in order to see for herself what makes life worth living.
I honestly don't know what to think about Emma. She went from a sort of quiet girl to a blind one stuck in the spotlight, so that was quite an adjustment for her. Somehow, though she found the strength to keep on moving. Her thoughts were realistic in the way John Green makes his characters' thoughts realistic: the beautiful, highlight worthy quotes were balanced with nasty every day ones. And I love that.

On the other hand though, Emma was super selfish until the (super abrupt) end. She's mean to her mom (and knows it), without ever really considering that something traumatic has happened to her, too. Her child went blind, for goodness sakes!

And then we have Emma and the guys in her life. When some guy named Josh kisses her, these are her legit thoughts:
"Kissing Josh made me realize that I was also going to kiss other people, including, I hoped, Coltrane Winslow. And maybe Seb too, if that ever became okay with Dee" (p. 371).

If Josh (or Coltrane, whoever he is, or Seb) thought something similar while kissing her, she would have been grossly offended. So why is it not a big deal that she's the one doing it?
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Except Augustus is super awesome.
Aside from that though, I really liked Emma. She had a realistic big family that I loved, and when she wasn't being rude, she was epic. Not many characters can make me cry over their relationship with a dog! So I guess Emma was pretty realistic. If she were perfect, the book would have been dreadful.

That's the thing: weak characters can't uphold a strong plot, but good characters can uphold a weak one. Even though very little actually happened, I was so captivated in Emma and how blind people live that I could hardly tear myself away from reading.

My only other complaint is how Claire's suicide was handled. I expected more from that, although I did highlight some beautiful quotes (yes, I wrote in a book). They really accomplished nothing at their meetings about her except argue.

So, yes, I gave this book four stars when it probably deserved three. That is the power main characters wield!

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Language: B?
Violence: A? B?
Adult Content: I don't remember. A or B.

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