Monday, November 17, 2014

Isabella's Libretto

Isabella's LibrettoIsabella's Libretto by Kimberly Cross Teter
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I still have no idea what an oboe is.

Thank you, Kimberly Cross Teter, for this free book to review! Gotta love Goodreads' giveaways.
Isabella’s Libretto is the tale of one orphan seeking her dream in Venice, Italy, in 1715—a time when music permeated the canals and lanes of the floating city. Abandoned as a baby at the Ospedale della Pietà, Isabella dal Cello has spent her entire life wondering why her mother deserted her. Now she is an ambitious teen who has worked hard to earn a place playing her cello in the orphanage’s prestigious orchestra. This remarkable ensemble of girls is directed by none other than Don Antonio Vivaldi, the colorful and complex maestro, destined to be remembered as a great composer, conductor, and violinist. Don Vivaldi recognizes Isabella as a kindred spirit and nurtures her talent. One night, however, Isabella defies the rules of the Ospedale and sneaks out with her best friend. The unusual punishment devised for Isabella changes her life in a most unexpected way, testing her devotion to her musical goals—and her friends. Can Isabella satisfy an impossible choice that is put before her? Challenged by loss and betrayal, she will have to call on her pluck and perseverance if she has any chance of claiming her dream before it slips away.
So, I just looked up what oboes. For other uninstrumentality inclined people, it's like an advanced recorder, and what Isabella's best friend played. I was pretty confused about that; my mistake. ;)

Isabella is a great character. On one hand, she's selfish and rash, as is seen by the way she treats most people. On the other hand, you can really see her passion for music and how that's basically the only thing that keeps her going, aside from her friends. And if she can't reply on them, what else does she have besides her cello?
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The pacing of the novel was off, however. It's mainly about Isabella's day to day life, which might appeal to some people. I'm just not one of them. Isabella suddenly had a lot of friend drama, and then it was over. The writing needed a little more development as well; it's still feels like it's in the beginning stages.

I really love seeing music in writing though, despite the fact that I don't play anything. Isabella's Libretto makes me want to play an oboe (or a recorder), and I definitely recommend it to middle school girls who play instruments, even if this overall was not for me.

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Violence: B. The girls are nearly attacked in a flashback about the fireworks.
Adult Content: See above. Still A, though.
Language: A


  1. sounds like a cool book. My brother play Cello he might like this book. I finally got Kindle to login. My book, Helen's War, which I am working on, i've written 5,000 words, a bit over one chapter worth of writing. School is eatting my time. Especally the science fair project. I am now seventeen. Turned 17 two weeks ago. Sorry about my lack of postings!

    1. Happy birthday! What's Helen's War about? It sounds cool.

    2. Helens War is a dystopian story about some teens that live in a future America where The Unitied States Of America has split. The states of Illinois, Virginia, Washington,New York, W. Virginia, and California have been taken over by the American Islamic State(AIS) and even though that is only five of the US territories , those are the most powerful. The USA and the AIS are fighting for supremacy over America. The story itself is about the adventures of four 16 year olds who are not old enough to go to war but ending up being in charge of a militia of some robotic thinggys that are built to fight and destroy the enemy, while the kids themself save all the captured kids they can and start a teen army agianst the islamists in their state. The main character she gets captured by some jihadists trying to find the polyagmous calpih in the capital of AIS a 16th child wife. The reason she allows herself to be captured is because if she can get into the court of the Sultan with a concealed pistol she can murder the sultan and the AIS will fall to pieces. Thats what I have down so far. Got stuck in writers block. Can't think of what to write in the next part of my book.

    3. Whoa! That sounds really interesting. Just don't forget that not all Muslims are evil though.

  2. I will try to comment more on your blog. Also I will try to blog more. Have A Nice Nite. Almost forgot, I asked a girl I like if she would let me hold her at the Varsity Playoffs on Friday night. I hope Haley says yes.....

  3. between the science fair, the homework, the writting club, high school football games, and girls, I have not had much blogging time, but I DID manage to post the videos I took while seeing a country music concert featuring Jason Michael Caroll, The Cadillac Three, Kacy Musgroves, and my all time favorite duo Montgomery Gentry.