Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beautiful Books Link #2

I feel so awesome right now. Before Go Teen Writers' 100 for 100 challenge and NaNoWriMo, I wrote 300 words on a good day. Today I wrote 1519 and now I'm working on a blogpost.

Yeah baby.

Anyyyyyyway, time for the actual post. Cait @ Notebook Sisters (soon to become!) and Sky @ Further Up and Further In are hosting a Beautiful Books link-up about writing. Thanks guys!
1. Be honest: how is your writing going?
As I said, today is a good day. ;) On the days I go to my co-op, though, I don't get home until at least 5, so it's pretty hard to write then.

2. What’s your first sentence/paragraph?
Yeah, about that.... I'm probably going to change it, because it's a flash forward to the ending and I'm probably going to change the ending. Here it is anyway.
“King Heinrich is dead because of you.”

His proclamation rings through my ears as I scramble through the forest. I must have lost the other ladies yards before. No one wants to venture out to ---- Woods, especially not after dark. They say the women with the plague come here to die. I stumble over a stick, but keep going.
Yep. Still don't have a name for those freakin' woods.

3. Do you have a book cover, and/or pictures that reflect your book?
No cover, but I've got a pinterest board for I Won't Fly.
Lucía Lacarra and Marlon Dino in Odette's PDD, "Swan Lake". Photo (c) Jesús  Vallinas.
Siegfried and Odette
Swan Lake
Odile: Can't wait for this scene.
4. Do you have pictures of each of your characters? If not, describe them for us! (Be as descriptive as you can.)
After rummaging around on my fantasy board, I found some.
Heinrich (to the left) and Siegfried (to the right)
5. What scene are you most excited to write?
The ending! Also, the one I'm currently working on, in which Heinrich dies.

6. Share a snippet or a scene that you really enjoyed writing.

Just then, the speakerman calls for everyone’s attention. “Present the Dowager Zia Vix.” Every bows or curtseys as she walks past. Truly, the king’s mother makes an imposing figure. Large enough to require lots of cloth for her gowns but old enough for no one to care about her weight, she walks with startling confidence. The Dowager does not have to flatter anyone to get her way. She simply gets it.

The candle light beams down on her white hair, making the rubies pinned in it sparkle. Thankfully, her hair is white because of her age, not because of the plague. White hair is one of the symptoms, even for the young.
As the music starts up again and King Heinrich goes to his mother for a dance, I turn around for a glass of champagne before Prince Siegfried finds me.
There's something about Lady Vix's confidence that makes me want to write about her, despite her lack of good character (haha, pun pun pun).

7. Now that you're writing, have any of the plot details, or the process itself, turned out different from what you planned or imagined?
Yes. I realized that I did not have enough of an idea to get me through November (no surprise there). Things are smoothing out now though.

8. Is there a character or aspect of your plot that's difficult to write?
Swan Lake is not a happy play. Except for in the Barbie version, nearly everyone dies. As every production does it differently though, I have to pick which characters die and which ones stay, if any.

9. What’s your favorite aspect of this novel so far? Favorite character?
Siegfried is definitely my favorite character and aspect to write about. He's insecure, emotional, scared...a lovely bundle to work with. Damaged people are the most interesting.

10. Have you drawn off of any life experiences or people you know to create your novel and your characters?
Nope, although there are bits of me in Odette. I've never even seen a production of Swan Lake.

11. Do you have a playlist or certain song for your novel and/or characters?
"Hunter's Moon", by Ryan Kelly from Celtic Thunder, is what inspired I Won't Fly in the first place.

12. Let’s have some fun for a moment: imagine you are somehow transported into your book’s world. Which character are you most likely to be found hanging out with?
Hm.... Probably King Heinrich. Except he's dead. So maybe Odette instead.

13. How do you keep yourself motivated to finish your daily wordcount? (Pinterest? Internet breaks? Chocolate?)
Youtube videos! Studio C, Blimey Cow, Owl City, random goofing off, ect....anything mind numbing after bleeding words onto a computer.

14. What your favourite writing quote or piece of writing advice?
This awesome pep talk by Veronica Roth for youth NaNo. Don't limit yourself to one way of doing things, do what works for you at the time of doing it.

15. How does this book make you feel so far? Are you laughing? Crying? Frustrated?
Semi-frustrated, semi-thrilled.

I know I can do it! How's NaNoWriMo been going for you?


  1. I'm very excited to read this book! Maybe you shouldn't change the first paragraph? I really like it xD

    1. Thanks! I really liked how it worked out. I only have a vague idea of the ending though, so anything is subject to change.

    2. I'm so glad it's going well. And boy do I know how that is. I really should plan more out.

  2. That advice by Veronica Roth is GOLD. I want to like glue it to my wall or something. I often get stuck in a rut of "this is how it works for me" but I forget to change it up when things stop working. xD
    Ack! Frustration isn't fun, but thrill is! KEEP UP THE AWESOMENESS!
    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. IKR? I used to plan every little detail, but that never seemed to include character development. :P I'm trying something different this year though, and I'm liking it.
      Keep the link-ups coming!

  3. You make me want to watch The Swan Princess (animated with Odette and Derek and Rothbart) with all those names! But I love the pictures, especially Jaime, and I think it sounds super cool! I like the first line.

    Also, Studio C, Owl City, and Blimey Cow... Do we know each other? Because that's my life, my friend. XD

    Keep writing!

    1. You watch those youtube channels too?! Awesome! Do you have any other suggestions I should watch?
      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Well, none that I can think of with quite the same messages... But I think it's cool we both enjoy those things anyway. XD

  4. Oh I really love the sound of this book! Youtube is a great motivation!

    Good luck with your novel!