Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Dragon Within

The Dragon WithinThe Dragon Within by Melody Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am not a pacifist.

Thank you, Melody Jackson, for this free book to review!
Are dragons good...or evil?

Kaena Armae doesn’t really care either way. No one’s seen a dragon in over twenty years, so why should she even care?

But when she comes face to face with the shocking truth in the forest near her home, she is forced to choose sides in a feud that started centuries ago.

And the real war is just beginning.

Now, Kaena must convince opposing sides to join together to combat an ancient evil, or face the destruction of their whole world, forever.

But what if they’re fighting the wrong enemy?
What I liked:

1. The Christian aspect, although it only started near the end.

2. How certain characters realize that there are bad parts to us all, but we can't let them rule us.

3. How in the author's note, Melody makes the point that none of her characters are the chosen ones or whatever. I love Harry Potter, but honestly, there's only one person "chosen" to do good in the world? Isn't everybody? So I really appreciated how most of the characters were ordinary mortals.

4. The cover, title, and general idea. I now love dragons!

What I didn't like:

1. As I said, I am not a pacifist. If someone is trying to kill you, it is morally acceptable to kill them in self defense. Toran and Kaena, however, didn't believe that. I ended up with an image of the bad guys as zombies, since they never died.

2. The plot holes, mostly around Treya. If she's half dragon, why are her parents human? Why is she called a queen, when she was a slave? How did she become a slave, if she wasn't born into it?

3. Jardan. Enough said.

Actually, I'll expand on that. ;) He continually betrays Kaena, and not only while he's possessed. There are times before that when he'd be relieved to know that she was okay, but then remind himself to tell Mavet all about her whereabouts. Jerk.
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4. Everyone's writing style improves with time and practice. I think The Dragon Within needed a little longer to grow into its full potential.

Would I read other books by Melody Jackson? Absolutely. I know her voice, just like all writers, will develop with time. I can't wait to see where she goes with hers. :)


Language: A
Adult Content: A
Violence: B

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  1. You know, I believe in some instances it is your moral responsibility to fight back-- especially if other people rely on your survival or if someone else's life is in danger. Yes, like you... not a pacifist xD

    1. I know! It's okay to fight in self defense.