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The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, #5)The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan
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Rick Riordan drives me crazy sometimes, especially with Nico. That character is half noble, half a self-induced idiot. But that was one epic final chapter.

Time to make a somewhat cohesive review.

OH THE CHARACTERS. I love them, for the most part. Reyna is my favorite, since Annabeth didn't make much of an appearance.

Let's talk about Nico, shall we?

Like I said, he was decent. In the previous books I didn't like him at all. He was wimpy, whiney, and mean. He's still sort of like that now, but also much more noble. Gosh, his conversation with Percy was so awkward though. Why couldn't he wait until Annabeth left?!

I was slightly underwhelmed by the ultimate event with Gaea. The part with the gods in Athena was epic, but once they got onto Long Island Sound? Not so much.

And there's SO MUCH more I want to talk about, but I can't remember half my remarks and they're pretty tiny details anyway. Would I read other books by Rick Riordan, such AS THE NORSE MYTHOLOGY SERIES COMING OUT NEXT YEAR ABOUT SOMEONE'S WHOSE LAST NAME IS CHASE? No.

Just kidding, of course I will.

Oh wait, I remembered something.

I wish Rick Riordan had gone into why the demigods are fighting for the gods. The gods are jerks who are ALWAYS incapacitated. The gods have done NOTHING for them, and yet all of the kids fight for them. They do it to save the world from Gaea, not because the gods are in the right.


Violence: A? B?
Language: A
Adult Content: A

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