Saturday, July 12, 2014

We Are Writers Magazine!

I’ve always wanted a magazine just for teen writers. So one day I googled it. Guess what I found? Nothing but inspiration.
Not a single magazine for teen writers that I wanted to subscribe to popped up. Ergo, I’m making my own.
So Happy!
We Are Writers could potentially include tips, author interviews, contests, giveaways, and teens’s submissions. The submission guidelines are as follows:
  1. Send submissions through the contact form page near the top o' my blog.
  2. Submissions cannot be longer than 3000 words. I’ll make exceptions if the piece is amazing, but staying within the word range is super ideal.
  3. Include a short biography that incorporates your name, state, and hobbies. Also include (but not in your biography) the word count and title of your piece. And, of course, the piece itself.
  4. I am looking for book reviews, poems, fiction (No fantasy, please), writing tips, writing prompts, and suggestions for future issues. Got a different idea? Contact me and I’ll consider it.
Note: If I receive a lot of submissions, I’ll have to reject some of them. For example, I’ll only include one poem in each issue. Don’t worry if you get rejected though. I’ll keep your submission in a file and maybe use it later.
Currently, all We Are Writers issues are free. Pros to that? Free stuff is awesome. Cons? We Are Writers is only available in digital format (probably PDF) and I can’t pay you if your submission is chosen. So for now, labor in the knowledge that your hard work goes to a good cause. I'll post a link to each issue on the We Are Writers page, also near the top of my blog.

**NOTE** To submit, you;ll have to use the contact for on the sidebar. I'm trying to have a contact page near the top, but it isn't loading.


  1. I am currently writing a submission! Know that you and We Are Writers are in my prayers. ;)

    1. Will subscribe latter. Gtg to church soon. Does your Catholic cathedral you go to have the cool stained glass windows? Our church looks inward like the year it was built which was in the ugly wood pannel '80s

    2. Yep, my church has stained glass windows. :) It's not a cathedral though; I don't live in the main city in the diocese. I'm in its surrounding area. Hence, the church I go to is a lot smaller than the cathedral.

  2. I'm so happy for you! Is it going to be online, printed, or both?

    1. Thanks :) It'll just be online. I don't have the funds to print it. If it grows nicely, I might have it printed though.

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  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! Feel free to send in stuff. :)