Thursday, July 17, 2014

Liebster Award!

Thanks so much, Sarah, for nominating me!

Eleven facts about myself:

1. When I found out Sarah was reading By Darkness Hid, I was BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I adore Jill Williamson's books and it makes me so happy when other people read them. :)

2. I don't have braces anymore! I got them out a few days ago. I haven't adjusted to speaking with a retainer yet. =P Whenever I see someone, I'm like, "Sorry! I just got a retainer so I'm talking weird!" Except I'm hardly coherent.

3. My littlest brother turned one on Sunday! He had a ton of fun eating his piece of cake.

4. I"M GOING TO DO A BLOG TOUR. I am ridiculously excited. It's for Playing with Matches by Suri Rosen, and it'll be in September. I'm going to include my review, a brief interview of the author, and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!! OF THE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!! (Sorry this post has a ton of capital words and exclamation points.... I've got a lot to be excited about!)

5. I need a synonym for "excited" because I use that word way too often.

6. I've discovered that it's easier for me to relate to characters that are culturally, religiously, and educationally different than I am. For example, a Jewish matchmaker and an eleven year old boy.

7. Why is it so hard for me to list eleven facts?!

8. Uh.... I need to apply some more teal nail polish. It's wearing off.

9. I have no idea where the term "Liebster" comes from. Why did that guy get an award named after him?

10. I can crochet and sew, but I prefer knitting.

11. I need a desk for my room.

Now for the questions Sarah has given me! Yay!

1. What is your favorite animated movie?
Hm.... Probably Frozen or Anastasia.
Community Post: 17 Reasons Why Anna Should Be Your Favorite Disney Princess
2. If you could be any mystical creature, who would you be?
A unicorn baby.

3. If you could have any kind of accent, which would you have?
BRITISH. Or German.

4. Have you been out of the country?
Nope. my two older siblings and parents have been to Mexico though, and my dad has also been to China.

5. What is your favorite sport?
I don't do "sports", although I am going to start running. I got some running shoes today.

6. As of now, what is your favorite song?
"Let It Flow" by Nim Aranel. It's a Parody of "Let It Go".

7. Describe the place where you write.
The library. xD I like to use Written? Kitten!, then copy and past my words into mah googal doc.

8. What fantasy world would you most like to live in?
Hogwarts! I'd be in either Slytherin or Hufflepuff, although quizzes often sort me into Ravenclaw, simply because I like to read.
Ravenclaw :) so true
9. Do you prefer modern day stories or science fiction/fantasy?
For the most part,  I prefer modern stories. I had a really bad experience with a fantasy book once.... By Darkness Hid and Harry Potter helped me get over it though.

10. Do you write stories? If so, what song describes your favorite original story?
I don't really understand the question, so let's just say "Let It Go" describes the novella I'm working on.

11. What is your favorite classic book?
Jane Eyre or something by Jane Austen.

I nominate MoriahEllie, Evan, and anyone else who wants to. If you don't have a blog, just leave 'em in the comments.

On to the questions....

1. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?
2. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?
3. Do you like brand new books or old ones?
4. Are you an animal person? If so, what animal do you like most?
5. Do you like books with movie edition covers or not?
6. What's the most annoying thing someone can do to you (I promise not to abuse that knowledge)?
7. What's your favorite holiday? Why?
8. What is your favorite book genre?
9. What is your least favorite?
10. What's something you loved from your childhood that you still love today?
11. Do you do well with deadlines or do you prefer to finish things whenever you happen to finish them?


  1. Thanks for doing the tag! I'm almost done with By Darkness Hid!
    In Christ,

    1. What do you think? Do you like it? One of my favorite parts was the dialogue. Jill Williamson has got a lot of talent.

    2. Jill's coming out with a new book soon...

    3. Yup! I can't wait till Broken Trust comes out. I'll definitely pre-order it.

  2. Hey Julia i have bad news! I bought this soda at the store thats in a glass bottle but i can't find the bottle opener!!! So i used my hands to open it ! I gave up when i tried so hard that my fingers were scared and gave up. : (

    Right now i am listneing to Motley Crue's 1984 hit Shout At The Devil

  3. Recently i have been depressed. Jullia can you help me think of ideas to keep me from being sad and cutting myself. ?

    1. Get help. That's really all I can say. Here's a link that might help: This is NOT an alternative to getting professional help though. Talk to your parents, even if it's hard.

      Above all, keep being the awesome you only you can be.

    2. Thanks. Almost forgot. I keep mixing your name up with the name Julie when posting comments on you blog. Is that upsetting you/making you mad that i keep getting your name mixed up with another name and in half my comments on your blog i been calling your Julie instead of Julia ?

    3. Everyone does that, don't worry. :) I'm used to it. I often get called Mary because I look a lot like my sister.

    4. Ugh!! The wifi connection is HORRID!!!!! Should I change my profile pic from a pic of my stuffed bear to a picture of myself? I am not sure if i should or not. My face is plagued with severe acne and washing face as hard as i try has not made to acne go away.

    5. Can you become a wattpad user?? If so that would be nice. On wattpad it is a program for writers who are not known to post books you can read the books and upvote them and comment on them. You can become followers of other writers and when you become a follower you can inbox message the person. If you join my username is TeenageNovelist i know its not creatvie but its a name

    6. I'll look into Wattpad, but I can't make any guarantees that I'll join. I've got my hands full with social media already. ;) Also, acne isn't a big deal. It'll go away in time, I'm sure.

  4. Good advice you gave! The doctor has me on multiple drugs due to me being mentaly disabled have Bipolar/Autism and the medicine it takes about an hour after taken to become effective so it is common in that hour i take the medicine to become ether insanly manic or dangerously depressed both are very bad. When i get depressed in that hour gap between when the drug is taken and when it is working it can be bad and sometimes i start cutting when i am on worthless not working antidepressants or when i take the antidepressants and i have to wait an hour before they become effective or when the dr. Underdoses or when i am out of the antidepressants.

  5. Sorry that everything i am saying makes likely no sense at all!!!

    1. Oh, I understand. :) I'm glad you're doing better.

  6. Bike riding helps me feel better. You don't know how hard my life is ! Be so happy you aren't me ! When mismedicated people with Bipolar Disorder all too often fall into despair and the disorder results in suicide. Bipolar can be most fi anything be compared to is major depression. Depression can ether refer to when people are depressed or it can refer to a state of mind where unless treated with medicine can be devastating to the victim. So just like people with major depression people with bipolar can get very depressed to the point of suicide. : (

    Good news is Currently i am Happy!!!

  7. 1. Ravenclaw
    2. Why is this even a question? :) GC, obviously.
    3. Old
    4. YES!!! Cats
    5. Nooooooooooo
    6. Assume my intentions or actions without asking me first. This has been happening A LOT lately.
    7. Christmas. Yummy food and no school
    8. Nonfiction or Dystopian, as long as it's GOOD Dystopian and not a rip-off of the Hunger Games, though I do like the Hunger Games.
    9. Teen Romance
    10. Cats :3
    11. I don't really do good with either of them, so I don't really have any way of knowing.

    1. I knew you'd say cats. xD Mine are thus:

      1. Ravenclaw for liking to learn, Slytherin for being resourceful and ambitious, and Huffluepuff for loyalty.
      2. Googal Chromb.
      3. New. Because then they are only mine and have never been any else's (I'm not really into sharing)
      4. I'm not really an animal person, but I do like cats.
      5. I don't really care. The TFIOS one is really pretty.
      6. Assume that just because I'm younger than them, I'm not as capable as doing certain things.
      7. Christmas because Christ, food, and presents.
      8. Contemporaries.
      9. High fantasy. For some reason they make me feel really sick. I read Jill Williamson's Blood of Kings trilogy anyway.
      10. American Girl Dolls. ;) I wish I had the stands so that I could put up my Samantha doll for decoration. She looks like Gianna from A Kingdom of Isolation.
      11. I do well with both, but deadlines are probably best. I like doing things right away so I don't have to worry about them later.

    2. What the heck? You like AG dolls? Had no clue. By the type of books you review I had always thought of you as some kind of tomboy. Guess I was wrong ! : ) I myself have a enormous collection of stuffed animals to this day. I make AG doll furniture as a hobby. I have a enormous knowledge about American Girl dolls. I think I have somewhere a Samantha doll that is used for trying out the doll and stuffed animal furniture. I just find building Miniature versions of craftsman furniture as a way to past time. and yes, the doll that is used for poses on the craftsman style chairs beds etc I make for fun is in rather bad condition Samantha I got her in like elementary school and still have her. Shes rather in not so great condition but the other American Girl doll I have, who I had named Jennie, shes in a state of disrepair. Jennie's state can be traced to two factors. 1. Shes 6 years older than I am. Yes the doll was made like 6 years before I was born. 2. shes been well loved. Jennie's previous owners wore her down to the point that her arm which was rather lose broke hours after she arrived. I won Jennie on a online auction for $40 and have been trying to have her arm fixed somehow. Also I know a place where you can find a stand for your American Girl doll ( s). Check eBay. If not eBay thers probably some doll stands on cragislist

    3. Also I just read my first Jill Willamson book I have owned. It was the first novel in her Salfe Lands Series. Loved It! I just want to get book 2!

    4. Please don't blockme or get upset about me for my comment on where you can find decent doll stands. I have few friends and never have gotten along well with other boys. I never will. I can't get along well with other boys my age. due to anger issues I have had with mean boys win the past who do nothing but be cruel 24/7 I never get along well with boys or anyone popular.I started collecting ag dolls ages ago. still have most of the collection.

    5. I find that I don't get along with people my age. Makes going to school kind of hard.

      Thanks for looking up a stand! I'll check it out.

  8. I am a troubled teen whos only friends are online friends and my 2 American Girl dolls. I know Samantha isn't exactly a actual friend shes just a doll who needs a bit of tlc due to being in bad shape. Samantha is not real shes just a doll so she is not exactly a real friend, but sometimes I wish my Samantha doll was a actual person and not just a doll I have. So Overall since I have no friends whatsoever my 2 American girl dolls are like friends to me. Noone understands me.

  9. sorry if I sound stupid. I know, I am a freak. none understand me I just wish someone understood me. I feel like none understand me

  10. why was I born? Everyone hates me.

    1. You were born because God has a plan for you. We may not know what it is, but God will show you eventually, I promise.

  11. You said that you would like a AG doll stand ? I decided to find ya one online. Found a Mahogany wood doll stand on eBay for $4.00