Saturday, July 5, 2014

Awkward + Awesome

  1. When NetGalley approves me for a chapter book. Oh well. Oliver and the Seawigs was actually pretty good.
  2. When my eighteen-year-old brother spends the fourth of July in Cincinnati, so he can go to a concert. Aren't teenagers supposed to drink and hang out with pretty girls and stuff? Not Andrew. He'd rather listen to classical music.
  3. When I spend the fourth of July knitting a blanket like an old lady. It's coming along really well. I've never gotten this far before. xD I'll post pictures when it's done.
  4. Telling my friend I'll reply to their email soon. Nearly a month ago. (Sorry, Christie.)
  5. Realizing that the "Awkward" list is going to be much longer than the "Awesome" list.
  6. Debating whether I should buy a new book or more yarn for said blanket. I really want the book, but if I don't finish that blanket quickly, I'll lose interest in it. #INTJproblems.
Or sign up for NetGalley.
What should I do?! Maybe I'll just buy Dairy Queen.

  1. I think our new priest is settling in really well. He even came to the fireworks and sat with us and the other people in our parish.
  2. I tried to check out a book from the library the other day but I didn't have my card. The guy was like "It's okay, you seem honest" and he checked it out for me. Going to the library every day constitutes as seeming honest? All righty.
  3. Tomorrow at Mass I'll see Jesus, the new priest, and the family I babysit. I love Sundays.


  1. Are you Catholic or a Lutheran? What is it like being aCatholic roomer says that Catholics worship statues of Mary and all them saints is that actualy true?

    1. Yes, I'm Catholic, and no, we're not heathens who worship statues. ;) Here's an article for more information (it's pretty long though):

    2. I was just windering cause my textbook said that the catholic church was formed when thhe only Christian caesar ruled the Roman Empire according to textbook after this certian ceaser banned the traditional Roman Idoltry and temple worship the priests of the Roman gods formed the Roman Catholic Church by overall changing the names of the old roman gods to names of people in the Bible and started a church of their own and that the original mary statue was originaly a statue of Juno. I don't mean to sound mean i am just stating what i learned in world history. The early catholics kissed the ststue of St, Peter in Rome so mucn that the statue's toes wore off! Lol! Do Catholics still do the relics where the monks claim certain things are things the saits used. I.e. St. Peters shirt , part of Jesus' mager he was born in, the list could go on and on. This also i learned in world history

    3. Also do Catholic monks still sell Pardons guaranteeing somones sis will be forgiven if they pay $ to buy a pardon?

    4. I a. Sorry if i have offended you. I just want to know if Catholicism is the same as it was in the middle and dark ages when the Pope ruled the world and the common person could not have a bible for Bibles tnen were only for the priests and monks and kings and popes. Sales of Bibles to the common peasant were illegal and if you were c commin person you could be arrested and burned at the stake for having a Bible or not fallowing the church's rules.

    5. Agian i'm sorry if i have offended you by asking so many Q's about Catholicism.

    6. Questions are good! Hopefully I can help clear up some things.

      1. Peasants didn't have Bibles because most poor people couldn't read and all books were expensive. Not the church's fault.

      2. Yes, St. Peter's feet are quite worn. ;) We kiss the statue's feet out of veneration to the saint and all his work, not because of a hunk of metal.

      3. Sadly, many priests used to offer "forgiveness of sins" only if they were paid. Not everyone did that though, and the Council of Trent rooted it out. I doubt you'd find any priests like that now.

      4. The Catholic church was started by Jesus, not someone who plagiarized the fictional Juno or anything.

      5. Your world history course is seriously off. No offence, but wow. I wonder if anything in it is accurate.

    7. It's basically the same as it was in the middle ages, but that's not the way it was. Hello, by the way! I'm a Catholic college student who has studied both sides of the story very closely. The only time anyone was burned at the stake was after 700 years of war between Spanish Catholics and Muslims after the Muslims invaded Spain in the 8th century, and after the Catholics won, they wanted to make sure that none of the people who claimed to be Catholic were actually Muslim lying about their faith to lie in wait to attack again. People who were found to be lying were driven out or sometimes executed. Most of the burnings at the stake, however, actually came from Protestants hunting witches, such as in the Salem Witch Trials. But the Spanish Inquisition is often misrepresented as being religiously intolerant when it was actually the desperate act of a people trying to defend themselves.

      The Pope has always had the same amount of authority: over all things spiritual. He only rules a tiny bit of land in Italy (a little south of where my mother's family comes from) known as the Papal States, and nothing physical will and ever would come of disobeying the Pope, he can kick you out of the Catholic Church, but that's always been the extent of his power and he could never physically hurt anyone, though a few popes, out of personal matters, used physical force to defend themselves or fight supposed enemies and so forth, and many were killed or died in prisons.

      Also, the printing of Bibles was not prohibited. The printing of Bibles translated differently and being passed off as Catholic Bibles was, because that's not true. You can't translate a Bible and change the translation to fit what you want and then say it's the real teachings of the Catholic Church. That was forbidden. Also the people who WOULD do so would go around destroying private property and enacting violence so it was an act of self-defense to stop them. Many Bible printers would burn churches and latin Bibles and crucifixes and holy objects, sometimes hurting people along the way. When they were put down, it was because they were a threat, not because they believed something different.

      Also, the whole paying Pardons thing-- let me explain. The practice is known as selling Indulgences. Catholics believe that a person participates in their own salvation, we think it is loving to try to help God save us even if He doesn't need the help. We believe that sins are offenses against God but good deeds are like gifts to Him. Remember in the Bible when He says "Whoever does this to the least of my brethren does it to me"? Therefore we would give money to the Church as an "Indulgence" as in it was a good, charitable deed done for the sake of pleasing God and giving Him a gift. Naturally unholy men abused this, trying to get money for themselves, saying you could buy your way out of sins. That was a problem! It was against Catholic teaching, though, I can assure you.

  2. Tomorow theres gonna be a celebration at church's eve service. Does your Priest listen to a lot of Judas Priest ?

  3. Btw do you like Judas Priest? My favorite Judas Priest song is ether You've Got Anpther Thing Comin or Breaking The Law

    1. I've never heard of Judas Priest, and I have no idea if my priest listens to him or not. Is he a Christian singer?

    2. No way! Judas Priest is a heavy metal singer from the '80s!

  4. Whatever you buy i sugest no dairy queen. The dairy queen round here is not good. It is at the Hess/wilco travel stop and usaly only 1 menu item is avalable.