Monday, May 26, 2014

My Very Own Link-Up!

Ready for a link-up, everyone?

Today's subject is False Reading Descriptions.

Sometimes while I'm browsing through Pinterest, I see quotes about reading (okay, a lot more than "sometimes"). But how often are those quotes actually true?

Rules for the link-up:

  1. Write a blogpost that follows the rules (surprise!)
  2. Included 3-10 quotes about books and reading that aren't true (aren't true for you, at least. What one person disagrees with, another one might adore. Feel free to be sarcastic, but please be nice. ;)
  3. Add my button:
  Running Through the Stars
(If that doesn't work, just add a link back to this post.)
3. Add your link to the link-up. Make sure to link to your post, not your blog.
4. Visit the other bloggers who linked-up and comment :)

Here're mine:

oooh... you like THAT... or alternately:  OMG! you like THIS!
I don't do that or at least not while they're looking.


I prefer something like this, thank you very much:
Heck yeah, I need one of those. PRO-GUN!
Okay okay, I'll stop taking things literally xD

For 600 pages, I'd need at least two days. To each their own, though.


Never mind. This one will be true some day.

I am dead to the world when I read
The more intense a book gets, the more I'm "out of the book". That doesn't make the emotional damage any less powerful, though.

Nerd Girl Problem #195.

So there you have it. :) Feel free to link-up! It ends in two weeks.

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