Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Beginning of Hesi Survives

It's April Fools Day, I had a stomach virus last night, and the beginning of Camp NaNo. This is going to be a long day.

And guess what? Now that it's Camp NaNo time, I'm rethinking everything. :P I've decided that Hesi Survives will be narrated between Hesi and Rolia, instead of just Hesi. In that case, I'm going to need a new title, because Hesi has to share. So, yeah. Expect a poll on the sidebar soon. Y'all can help me decide :)
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I hide behind a rock that’s taller than me and wait. After what seems like hours, the virans creep out of their den. They’re smaller than foxes, but look kind of similar. Foxes, though, don’t make liro--a sweet, syrup like honey--for their young. Or for me.
After the virans finally leave to hunt, I crouch down and stuck my hand into their den. Baby virans shout out in protest, and one bites me.
“Ow ow ow,” I mutter, immediately taking my hand out. Two tiny teeth marks drip blood, but I  reachback into the den anyway and this time grabbed the liro. After shoving the dripping mess into my leather pouch, I hurry away before the adult virans came back. One time I stayed too long, and they had attacked me till I could hardly stand.

I smile to myself  as I rush back to my post. As one of the city’s secondary cadets, I’m supposed to be guarding the gragons, Fafom’s main food source for the winter. But taking a quick break to get liro for Sammi can’t hurt, right? She loves to find it waiting for her when she replaces my post.


  1. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT CAMP STARTING TODAY UNTIL I READ THIS AND FREAKED OUT. Then I went over and put in my word count (which is 18,159 so far) and I'm already a little past 25% so no reason to freak :) WHEW!

    1. !!!!! Good luck! I'm behind because I couldn't write when I was sick :P