Monday, March 10, 2014

The End of the Sleepover Scene

Here's the end of the sleepover scene! Don't worry, though; Christie, Catherine, Mary, and Maria will be in more scenes later. ;)

After talking about how hard it is to find clothes modest enough for the other girls’ private school--a conversation in which I find myself tugging my own black shirt higher--we watch a movie. It’s pretty good, I guess. It’s about a girl who kept rebuffing this guy, until she finally realized at the end of the movie that they were meant to be together. I’m impressed that the guy loved her even after she made it clear she didn’t want him.
As soon as the credits roll, Natalie’s mom, Mrs. Amica, hollars that it’s time for dinner. The meal is pasta with alfredo sauce and plenty of French bread.
“This is delicious, Mrs. Amica,” I say, taking another bite. Mrs. Amica smiles, but she seems frazzled. Grant it, she has six kids. I would be too if my house was filled with noise, day in and day out.
“How was the movie?” Olivia asks. She seems okay with the fact that she and Jessica are going to sleep in the basement tonight so we can have their room.
“I liked it. It had a lot of great underlying tones.” Catherine drones on about the spiritual aspects to the movie. Sheesh, Christians can’t even watch a movie without getting religious about it. Mr. Amica seems interested though, so the whole table starts talking about it. Except me and the little Amica boys, who are trying to clean up some spilled juice before their mom sees.
Finally we head upstairs to talk before bed. We talk for hours about who likes who at both schools us girls go to, wedding plans, and whether someone can be human without their body. I have way more fun than I thought I would, and none of us even notice the time until the big clock downstairs chimes one in the morning. I think I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Natalie’s friends are really sweet.

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