Sunday, March 30, 2014

On Leaving and Being Replaced

Yes, it's going to be one of those posts, but bear with me here.

My parish priest, who's been with us for twelve years, has asked the bishop if he can be reassigned. He leaves in June.

At the youth group I go to, the guy in charge is stepping down, because he thinks it's time for a change (at least the guy who's going to take over next year is one of  my FAVORITE teachers).

The grandma and two aunts of some of the kids I babysit is considering having a house in the west and a house here in Michigan to be by the grand-kids. I've babysat this family for three or four years.

One of my friends is in college, another one got accepted recently, and the two others are talking about it. So am I, but my mom isn't too keen on the idea of me going a year early.

Of course, I'm glad about part of all these things. Maybe my priest will get an easier parish for retirement-age man. The guy in charge of the youth group is now going to work at the same place where he met his wife. The mom of the kids I babysit will get to have her family nearby. And college is cool. Enough said.

But yeah, I'm over here like
Sad Baby


  1. I know just what you mean. Change is one of those things I dread and it seems worse when you first hear of it, but most of the time the initial shock is what gets to us most. I for one am extremely stubborn to it, unless it's something I really want/need and know it will make life better. But the whole change with the church is especially hard for us :( though I keep telling folks that if so and so hadn't left, then we never would have met so and so (etc.). Change is scary! But sometimes we can't see what's actually going on because God has a better plan and it's good to keep a constant reminder to yourself "it's HIS plan, not mine. He knows better than I do.". Last summer I went through with a major change in my life that caused me so much turmoil I knew I had to do something. And it was TERRIFYING to say the least. But just today I was thinking about it and said to myself "I'm so happy now. That was a good change."

    1. Great comment, Christie :) I'm glad you're doing well.