Friday, March 14, 2014

Narnia Link-Up

Over at The Book Chewers, they're having a Narnia link-up. Here we go! :D

The Book Chewers
My answers are all written in true INTJ-ness, might not like it.
1. Who introduced you to Narnia?
Uh...probably simply having the books in my house is what introduced me.

2. How many times did you check the back of your OWN wardrobe for signs of magical life?
I don't think I ever have.

3. Who's your favourite animal Narnian character?
Hm.... Aslan or Reepicheep. Which SpellCheck wants to change into Creepiness.

4. Who's your favourite human Narnian character?
It's a tie between Susan and Peter. :) Peter is so dang handsome (and brave and all that good stuff). Susan is logical, but she still believes in Narnia (until she doesn't :P)

5. If you could fall into one of the seven books, which would you choose?
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe or The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. I don't know if I would tolerate being on a boat though.

6. Which would you rather be: dwarf, talking beast, or marshwiggle?
Talking beast ;) Centaurs count, right? Or are they their own class of animality?

7. Who do you think had the harder quest? The journey on the Dawn Treader with Prince Caspian? OR Eustace and Jill's trek to find the lost Prince Rilan?
I don't remember Eustace and Jill's very much, so I have to go with the Dawn Treader.

8. Which of the 4 Pevensie children (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy) do you most relate to?
Probably Susan. She's rational, but when she gets older she starts to like make-up and dresses (dresses are a lot more comfortable than skirts).

9. If being out of a family of 4, going to boarding school, and living in England are necessary for having a Narnian adventure, how well do you score?
0 out of 3. :P I'm from a family of seven, I don't go to a boarding school, and I live in the USA.

10. Would you sell your soul for Turkish Delight?
Uh, no. I really wouldn't want to go to Hell for a piece of candy.

So there you have it! C. S. Lewis is so amazing. I hope The Book Chewers have a month dedicated to all books by C. S. Lewis, because I remember The Space Trilogy much more than The Narnia Series. xD


  1. I'm glad you liked our tag! :) But you've never checked your cupboard? YOU COULD BE SITTING ON NARNIA RIGHT NOW. GO. GO. I checked mine again today when I was looking for something. I fell into the back of it and nearly hit my head and did NOT find Narnia. Dang. ;) Susan is pretty awesome!

    1. Okay, okay, I just checked it. xD Nope, Narnia wasn't there. I do have a suspicious looking fur coat/shrugg-y thing though....

  2. Isn't this link-up really fun? I liked reading your answers. I just posted mine today!