Friday, March 7, 2014

I May Have Used My Friends' Names

;) In my latest scene in A Kingdom of Isolation, we meet some of Natalie's friends: Maria, Catherine, Christie, and Mary (and please understand that I am not Gianna, no matter how poor my conversation skills are. I am always happy to see you guys.)

At Natalie’s house, there’s only one car parked outside that I don’t recognize. Either only one girl was able to come, or they had to walk, like me. I hope for the former as I ring the doorbell. Usually I walk in like I own the place, when now that’s there’s more people over, I decide to be more formal.
Five girls answer the door. Natalie hugs me before I’m even inside, and then passes me on to a tall girl with curly brown hair. Wait, scratch that--there’s two tall girls with curly brown hair.
“This is Gianna, everybody. Gianna, these are Christie, Mary, Catherine, and Maria.” I think Maria was the one who hugged me. No, now somebody else is. Christie?
Maria grins at me as Natalie brings my backpack of clothes upstairs, leaving me with the strangers. “I love your name. Nice, strong, Italian name.”
“Uh, thanks,” I say, as the other girl with curly hair hugs me. After the blonde does as well, Natalie comes back downstairs.

I'll post the rest of the sleepover scene as soon as it's written, don't worry :)



  2. WOULDN'T MIND???????

  3. :D You guys will be in more of the later scenes as well.