Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yes, I am revising POV again. I'm at the library, and I just printed out my entire manuscript (yes, the librarian was surprised at my request to print 70-80 pages). And hen I stabled every one of those pages and stuck them into a binder. And then I took out one of my blue pens (I have, like, five) and dug into the first five pages. And then I decided to blog about it before my dad picks me up.

Chances are, I'll find out that self-publishing with CreateSpace will be incredibly frustrating, and I'll give it up. I'll try, yeah, but I get frustrated easily. So I also want to do traditional publishing.

Man, that's a whole lot scarier.

I have to edit POV until it shines. I have to edit POV until I can't possibly edit any more, and then edit it once again. Then I write a letter about it (a query), and then I send it to publishers. Then I hope they accept me.

That's a ton of 'then's. (I have no idea who to form that grammatically. If you do, please comment and let me know. ;)

Because this is so hard, I'll be using thing to help me out. After a while, I'll (hopefully) figure out my own way of editing, and everything will be smoother.

See how hard this is? Oh man. But it'll all be worth it if someday I get to hold a copy of my own book in my hands. :)

I want a movie of POV too. I want to be in it. ;)

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