Saturday, January 4, 2014

Inspired by Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire"

Here's two bits I wrote, both inspired by Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire".

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Down, down we went. I followed my fathers and uncles inside. We went for jewels, we went for wealth. After so many years of scraping to survive, this mine of riches was the only thing left on this earth to sustain us. We had barely any food, but we climbed inside anyway. If we made it out, we would have a new life before us. We had nothing to lose.
We ran down like madmen. There was already a path. This was easy! Life would clamor around us, each opportunity begging us to try!

But then the fire came.

At first we heard its deep roar above us. It thundered down upon us a moment later. We had to paths to choose: out or in. Out brought us freedom, if we survived. In brought us to the gems. Freedom gave us life. Gems gave us money.

Everyone of us ran in. Everyone of us died.

Pillars of beauty crumbled down around us as we caught sight of the treasure. It gleamed golden lights around us. Joining the bright wealthy light came the heat from the fire. The gold melted before our eyes. My brothers dove inside, basking in the security we assumed it gave life. I followed them.

The heat in the gold was unbearable. I would have jumped out, but there was too much gold covering me. What I thought would save me trapped me and my kin. We all perished that day. We never saw the light. The shine of the gold entombed us. It was a fake, all of it. Wealth could not save you.

It never does.

Why By Fire

     The flames flicker around me. The earth is on fire. Smoke covers the world.
     Why by fire must I die?
     Fire: a source of warmth and danger. From the cavemen to now, fire has always been with us. It can either save your life by comfort or end your life by flames. Oh, such a light to live by.
     Why by fire must I die?
     Death by over-warmth. Flickering tongues of blood. It will burn us to death, our blood matching the color of the flames. I approach the scorching building.
     Why by fire must I die?
     My people circled together in winter by the fire. It connected us. We go down with each other. The heat lashes around me. I step into the smoke and flames.
     By fire I must die. It has given so much I must repay it with the sacrifice it demands.
     I die by fire.

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