Thursday, January 30, 2014

G is for General (That counts, right?)

G is for General Hondoel (from POV)

He's very strict, and the twins are afraid of him (Thalace might be a little bit as well).

General Hondoel wanted to attack Thanit’s men immediately, but Thalace wanted to wait for them to attack.
“We can’t fight against Ventwenoians! I am their king. We should wait until they attack us.”
“They have! We must retaliate.”
Thalace frowned. “But at the present moment, something must be done about the twins. Thanit and Safem will want to get them first, especially Lachi. They should be sent away,” Thalace said.
General Hondoel nodded. “They should. I would suggest sending them to my sister’s house, about sixty miles west from here.”
“Um, maybe. I don’t know. They’d be a lot of trouble for your sister.”
“Oh, not at all,” General Hondoel said smoothly. “I’m sure she would be happy to have them.”

“I’ll think about it,” Thalace said uncertainly. “I think they’d have problems ...getting used to the change.”

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