Monday, January 13, 2014

Fifteen Things to Do Before I'm Fifteen

Totally stolen from the Notebook Sisters. I'm starting this list quite a while after my birthday, but here we go anyway.

  1. Cut my hair six inches
  2. Read The Count of Monte Christo
  3. Read another novel of Charles Dickens (I've only read A Tale of Two Cities. I once tried Oliver Twist, and in my most humble opinion, it was terrible. So I'll do a different one than that.)
  4. Finish the Seven Novels of Jules Verne
  5. Publish The Princes of Ventweno
  6. Finish writing the Nameless Book (and give it a title. :P)
  7. Finish a Mexican meal (whenever we go to a Mexican restaurant, I either order a hamburger or a quaesadilla, which I never finish)
  8. Have all of my final grades be A. I believe that's called being a straight A student (in case you're wondering, I was not a straight A student last year. Stupid science.)
  9. Traditionally publish a book (probably POV, because the likelihood of being able to finish the Nameless Book, edit it super well, AND successfully query for it in one year is pretty small.)
  10. Go to Starbucks (I don't think I've ever done that.)
  11. Figure out what to do in college (forensic sciences? AKA, super epic crime fighting. Sounds good.)
  12. Watch an old Disney movie that I didn't watch when I was little because it either scared me or I wasn't born yet.
  13. Read something of Shakespeare's (I've only done The Tempest.)
  14. Walk outside during the thunderstorm (I lvoe storms. They're so beautiful.)
  15. Actually have a conversation with one of my friends besides Ria and Mary. IN PERSON. (Oh. Mah. Gosh. I'll try, but I am more than a little bit awkward, making this incredibly difficult.)
Submitted by Anonymous
Let's see how I do. ;) I'll let y'all know when I turn fifteen.

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