Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Characters From Books and Movies

Instead of a cheesy New Year's post, I've got one about characters. ;)


1. Hm...I guess Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Ransom, from C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy.

2. Jane from Thor

3. Hawkeye (and Black Widow). They've done absolutely nothing to make me like them.

4. Well, I guess Mycroft. People don't really hate him, though.

5. Thor and Kili

6. Hm. Passing right along. (That means Sherlock.)

7. Um....I don't know. How about Dr. Ransom.

8. ANDERSON. I don't like him. You can't be an idiot for so long, and then turn around and suddenly be a good guy. Something's going on here.

9. Percy and Annabeth.

10. Percy and Rachel. >:P


  1. You don't love Thor and Kili? Or Hawkeye? That's just... messed up. Those are like my favorite guys.


    1. I still like Thor and Kili, just not as much as before. :) And Hawkeye has given me no reason to like him. :P

    2. Ohhh fine, you take Spock, I'll take Thor AND Kili. ;) Well, Hawkeye's brave and self-sacrificing and he makes his own calls, he's not a SHIELD pawn. That's why I like him.

    3. I haven't any Avenger movies in a while, so I guess I don't have a good argument for that. ;) Bu I do remember that it was not his fault at all that Loki possessed him.