Thursday, January 16, 2014

C is for Ceceria

C is for Ceceria (from The Princes of Ventweno).

She's Thalace's daughter, so she's Ventweno's little princess.

The twins followed him inside, where their mother, Titam, was embroidering with the wives of Ventweno’s senators. Ceceria, Thalace’s daughter, was playing by a window. She jumped up when she saw her father.
“Hi! Nania made some lemonade. It’s really yummy! Dere’s a bunch of it too, in the nursery. She said dat you can have some wif the boys.” She squealed as Thalace picked her up and swung her onto his shoulders.
“Oh good! We are very thirsty. Come, boys.” Thalace carried Ceceria and went with the boys into the nursery. “How about you go see Mama?” Thalace suggested. “You her sew.”
“She’s not sewin’. She’s nappin’. Nania sayed Mama’a sick.”

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