Sunday, January 5, 2014

Body Image: "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself"

Let's take the scenario:

You're in the bathroom at  your school, getting ready to go to a dance. In front of the mirror is one of your classmates. She looks at her reflection and scowls.

Whoa now, hold up. She's scowling at herself? It would be socially unacceptable if she scowled at someone else, but when she does it to herself,  that's okay?


You could praise her modesty, but in my opinion, that makes no sense. Being modest about how you think you look does not involve looking at yourself in a bad way.

"Love your neighbor as yourself", the Commandments say. Believe it or not, you can love yourself without being vain or proud. You supposed to love everyone because we're all children of God. Even you.

Because I have a feeling this is making no sense, here's a syllogism (not in logical form, but hey):

You should love all children of God
You are a child of God
Therefore, you should love yourself

Being proud is when you think you're better than everyone else. Loving yourself is when you realize that you're a human being and all human beings where created in the image of God.

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