Monday, January 13, 2014

B is for Boan

B is for Boan (from the Nameless Book).

Boan is Hesi's older brother.

(Similarly, I had a character in POV named Boama, but she's only in it for a little bit.)

“Hesi!” A loud voice boomed. “You are in huge trouble! The council demands your presence immediately. (Go away, Sami.) Come on, little brother. You’d better hurry.” Hesi’s brother, Boan, stormed up to them. Sami ran away, her small feet barely touching the ground. Boan dragged Hesi to the clearing where the Council of Justice waited. The trees towered hundreds of feet above Fafom village. Cottages lined the circle, and in the center of the clearing the councils debated. There were four councils: Justice, Safety, Emergency, and Family. There were seven members on each council, and no one could be on two. All males from Fafom over twenty years of age had to be on a council for at least two years.

He's not very fond of Sami. He thinks she makes Hesi do crazy things (such as accidentally killing most of Fafom's livestock).

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