Sunday, January 5, 2014

Another Book: Miranda Knows Why

As I wait for people to critic The Princes of Ventweno, I've started another book to keep me entertained. :) It's called Miranda Knows Why, although that will probably change because I don't  have a solid idea of what she knows.

Here's the basic plot:

Miranda's social anxiety limits her to two friends: Tricia Irene, a new girl at school, and Bianca, a school senior. When a crazy gunman attacks, Miranda must find out who he is and where he came from. And why he targeted her friends.

So, yes. That's what I've got. I really want to get it published, even though I'm only on page three. ;) I've even found a few publishing companies I like that accept unsolicited manuscripts (a lot only accept novels that have been sent to them by an agent, who YOU have to do the work to find, pay, and hope they'll help you.). I might send The Princes of Ventweno to those places as well.


I think I'll change it around a bit so it's not so...violent. We'll see.

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