Sunday, January 12, 2014

Alphabet, Tolosil, and the Book With No Name

At Mercy Ray's blog, she planned to write blogposts about her book using a letter a week (like, A is for --). She didn't end up using it, but I think I will. :) Much more often than a week, though.

By the way, "Tolosil" is a series of books I'm writing, POV being the fourth book. I might reference some of the others though.

A is for Ain (from the nameless book).

While Hesi's in Cilyon, he's staying at Ain's house. Here's the scene where they met:

Hesi walked into the bar. It was evening, after dinner, so it was crowded. Hesi approached the bar and ordered a drink. As the barmaid prepared it, Hesi glanced around. The room was dim, with a few windows with no glass. Hesi presumed the wooden boards on the ground where put on the window sills when it was cold out. Right now the sun streamed in warmly, lighting the floor.
Tables filled most of the room, with a few chairs at each. Most of the men had to stand. The room seemed too quiet for being so crammed. Almost everyone was talking, but they weren’t shouting like men did in Fafom.
The barmaid handed Hesi his beer. He paid her and went to stand by someone who was leaning against the wall, alone. The man glanced at him and continued drinking.
“Um, hi,” Hesi said. “How are you?” The man nearly laughed at him, but just shook his head and shouted at one of the bartenders for more beer.
“I’m new to Cilyon--”
“I can tell,” the man muttered.
“--And I was wondering if the councils are good here. I’ve seen some awful ones--”
“Shut up,” the man hissed. “Stop it now.” He nodded to a short man at a table, where several others were standing. “Here is not the place.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Go outside. I’ll follow you in a few minutes.”
Hesi left his beer at the counter and left. After waiting at least half an hour, the man came up to him.
Idiot!” he exclaimed. “Who are you? What do you want?”
“I’m Hesi,” he said, miserably. “I want to, um--”

“To get in trouble with the councils. Right. And you clearly have never seen an “awful” council, if you think you can easily say something like that and get away with it.” Hesi paled. The man sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “I won’t report you, but if I did I’d get a handsome reward. So think before you speak next time. There’s plenty of people desperate enough to turn you in. By the way,  my name is Ain.”

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