Monday, December 23, 2013

Mental Health

Some people have chemical differences in their brain that impairs their ability to be, well, like everyone else. Maybe some people pretend they have OCD. Maybe some people are depressed simply because they won't try to get over their sadness. But sometimes you really can't help it, and finding out that other people are like you, can help.

Here, you want a personal story?


I have social anxiety.

It's not diagnosed (why would someone with social anxiety want to talk about it in person to a doctor?), and it's mild, I guess. Usually just knowing that people won't judge me as harshly as I think they would helps. But not always. Unless I'm fully confident about what I'm doing, I won't do it. It's awful going to my church's choir practice, offering to sing the alto part, and mumble the entire time because I'm used to soprano. It's generally (there are exceptions) awful being around people my age. They can be so...bold, in a way. Very overwhelming.

But the brain is an amazing part of your body. All parts are, but the brain is what can make you think that your brain is amazing. It's kind of funny that way. :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jules Verne: Seven Novels

Jules Verne: Seven Novels (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions)
It's even prettier in real life. :) Thank you, CM, for ze lovely book. I've started Five Weeks in a Balloon, which is amazing. I also got a Barnes and Noble giftcard, which is awesome. I'm at the Barnes and Noble website right now. ;)

Movie Reviews (Spoilers in Both)

 Grant it, I paid very little attention to the movie, so if this review is off, have mercy! My best friend, CM, was there right next to me, and she is GORGEOUS. I was way more happy to see her than I was to see the book she gave me, of course, but BOTH? That was amazing. Another Barnes and Noble edition has been added to my shelf.

Anyhoo, about ze movie.

I couldn't tell he was Benedict Cumberbatch, but he was still awesome. He was HUGE. But half the times he blew fire, at least one person should have died. No one did.

I think they made his role too big, but hey, he is important. His children were a good addition too. I thought it would be horrid, but it wasn't.

Again, I thought she would be horrid. While she's not good, she's not the world's worst female character. The thing with her, Kili, and Legolas was okay.

I expected him to be more majestic, although how they could do that, I don't know. His clothes rocked though.

He was awesome. And way more handsome than in LOTR.

Kili's Wound
Hm. It could have been taken out.

Kili's Stone/Tocket/Death Runes Thing
Awww. :) That was pretty funny, and sweet. I hope his mother is in the next movie.

SO MUCH MAJESTY. :-o Whoa....

Dwalin's Hair
Was I the only who who noticed that in the first movie it was brown, and in this movie it was grey? :(

All in all, it was great. I felt sick through a lot of it, but that's not the movie's fault.

From the outside, Elsa looks poised, regal and reserved, but in reality, she lives in fear as she wrestles with a mighty secret—she was born with the power to create ice and snow. Haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, Elsa has isolated herself, spending every waking minute trying to suppress her growing powers. Her mounting emotions trigger the magic, accidentally setting off an eternal winter that she can’t stop. She fears she’s becoming a monster...
I saw Frozen last weekend, and it was wonderful. My only complaint is how tiny the women are. :P You could probably grab their waists and snap them in half.

I have to get off the computer now, so I'll just say that Elsa's and Anna's relationship was great, and I absolutely adored the movie. It was way better than Tangled, which I loved, so yeah, go watch Frozen now.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I can't wait for my sister to get married. ;) That will be awesome. She says I should plan my own wedding instead of hers, though. Hm.

There are some things about weddings that I don't really care for, and I sure hope it won't be some sort of scandal if I omit them. Professional photographers, for instance. I just want someone to come with any old camera, snap a few pictures, and email them to me. That's it. Also, bachelorette parties. Are those necessary? Yeah, I'd like to have a get-together, but this seem over the top and full of drinking. I'm sure the drinking is optional, but still. Hm. I'd rather my maids come over for tea or something.

I would love a lace dress, but I don't think that would work on my body. >:P Maybe on my sister's...?

I have no idea what style the bridesmaid dresses would be, I just know it has to be purple. I don't even know what shade.

Lovely cake. :)

My favorite kind of centerpiece.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Guess what?

Guess guess guess!!!!

Haha, good luck with that. Because you know what?


If they want to, all of the winners get five free copies of their book from CreateSpace. Their book also goes on Amazon. :-o I'm okay with that because I'm pretty sure not many people will read my book, but it'll be a nice exposure to the whole publishing thing.

What's the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing?

With self-publishing, you just send your book in and they take care of the rest. It's extremely expensive (except for NaNo winners ;), but your book will definitely be published. It won't have the respect traditional publishing has, though. It may not appear in bookstores.

Traditional publishing is where you send your book to a publishing company where someone will read it, and either accept it or reject it. If it's accepted, you'll become a published author, and your book may be famous. If you're rejected, well, better luck next time. That doesn't mean your book is bad, it just means the publishing company won't use it for various reasons. The Harry Potter series was rejected twelve times.

So, yeah. The Princes of Ventweno will be self-published. I'll probably put it through 5 rounds of revision. I'm on the first one now. I'm taking out the weird things, fixing spelling, ect. Then I'll ask one of my friends to go over it, then I'll go over it again, then I'll ask another friend to go over it, then I'll go over it one more time, then I'll send it in.

Because POV is the fourth book in the series, I'm going to change things around a bit. I'll put more information into POV so it can be read alone, and the other three books will be backstories.

Very exciting. :D

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Titan's Curse

The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #3)
Another great book! Probably four star rating though. Rick Riordan just can't write important things. He glazes over them. Um, hello? Annabeth was considering joining the Hunters!! This is a big deal! Also, Nico Di Angelo got a little overboard in his anger in the end. And Percy idiotically decides not to tell Chiron who Nico's father is. Idiot.

But hey, it was entertaining, which certainly counts for something!

Monday, December 9, 2013

"Let It Go"

That moment when I, Julia Grace N, can relate to a song.


Usually I find it ridiculous when people do that. Songs are about other people, or nobody at all. The singing isn't singing for you.

But then, *drum roll please* I found this: Frozen's "Let It Go". I haven't even seen Frozen. But this song is perfect.

Also, cold has never bothered me.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Stop

I wish people could keep track of syllabuses (which is so totally a word). Always asking people what the homework is kinda needs to stop. It's not super hard. Just put it in your binder.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Sea of Monsters

A few days ago I finished another amazing Percy Jackson book!

One thing, though: The amount of times Annabeth gets interrupted right when she's saying something important is getting out of hand. Also, the fact that Tyson was invited to Poseidon's palace, and Percy was not, is also sort of ridiculous.

But, all in all, I liked it. :) These books are the few good ones in my library's teen section.

Monday, December 2, 2013


...I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.
At the same source I have not taken
My sorrow, I could not  awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone
And all I loved, I loved alone.
Then in the childhood, in the dawn
Of a more stormy life was drawn
From every depth of good and ill
The mystery that binds me still.
From the torrent or the fountain
From the red cliff of the mountain
From the sun that round me rolled
In its autumn tint of gold.
From the lightning in the sky
As it passed me flying by
From the thunder and the storm
And the cloud that took the form
When the rest of Heaven was blue
As a demon in my view.

That's my favorite poem EVER, except for maybe "The Raven". Edgar Allan Poe rocks.