Thursday, November 21, 2013

Seating Arrangments

Such terrible ideas. I did actually email my teachers this morning.

"I have a few concerns about the seating arrangement. I understand that it was made with the intentions of building a more quiet atmosphere in which we can learn, but if a couple things about it could be changed, I would be eternally grateful (That's not an exaggeration.).
  • The arrangement is mainly in a girl-boy-girl-boy sequence. There is not much "elbow room" in the class, and I am very uncomfortable being crammed in between two boys. It's awkward.
  • I have nothing against the boys I am sitting next to, and while neither of them have ever cheated by looking at my answers, I am sorry to say that I dislike taking tests next to one of them.
  • I personally do not like sitting next to two people. When I sat on the end, I only had to sit next to one. While I was still stressed at the end of the day by being in a room with lots of people in it for a long time, it was bearable. This seating arrangement is just like last year's, and I remember that when it was time to go home, it was a blessed relief to get out of the room in which I felt like I was going to start crying. The entire day was hard.
Please, please change this."

Hm. Maybe I should have asked someone to proofread it first, to make it polite and stuff. But I've already sent it, and got two out of three replies. Both teachers who replies said that they'd see what they could do to change it. As long as it's changed by the time I return from Thanksgiving break, I'll be fine.

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