Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More From Mah Book

Here's another exert, so I don't have to leave you guys hanging with them all dying of thirst. ;) No, I don't know how far along Savine is in her pregnancy. :P

So, they found a stream of water so they're not dead (It was salt water, yes, but the rangers boiled it to get rid of that.). And now they just arrived at home: the royal palace.

Savine: Thalace's husband
Titam: mother of Lachise and Thalem. Her husband, Lachem (*Sob* He's dead) was Thalace's older brother.
Rekipii: bad guys

Savine was waiting for them in the royal family’s private sitting room. She was --- months pregnant and extremely ill. Titam said that she was barely able to get out of bed. The queen’s face was pale, and when she walked she gritted her teeth, as if her feet could not support her. A servant brought her ice water and pickles. The twins would have commented, but Titam raised her eyebrow at them, keeping them quiet.
Savine hugged the boys and her husband. Thalace held her gently, as if worried that he might break her. A few minutes later, Thalace had to leave the gathering, because one of his secret messengers (Thalace did not like to call them “spies”) had important news. Nobody saw Thalace for the rest of the evening except the secret messenger, General Hondoel, and a few military advisers. Thalace was not even able to say  goodnight to the twins until far after they had fallen asleep.
In the king’s study, which had been completely rebuilt after the fire the twins had started, the secret messenger had waited. The windows were shuttered and only two small candles burnt. The servants had kept up with the cleaning, but the room still seemed dusty and mysterious.

“The Rekipii have been gathering large forces,” the secret messenger whispered. “They grow more numerous with each passing day. I have discovered through various means that they plan to attack here, this palace, within two weeks.”


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