Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Have Some More From POV

When the secret messenger returned in four days, he said that the combined Rekipii and rebel Ventwenoians forces numbered 6000 men, and they planned to attack in only three days. The royal Ventwenoian forces currently at the palace numbered 2000, and if the troops at Erolon were able to arrive in time, then they would now have 4000 men. Major Kib, moving as fast as he could, would be able to bring his troops in a week at the earliest.

General Hondoel ordered 1250 of their current men to position themselves in a ring a mile and a half from the palace, with the remaining 750 reinforcing the sides and back.

War is upon them! Their doom is nigh!!! *Evil laughing*

Yeah, this won't end well. But it could be worse, right? They could be dying of thirst. *Wink*

Anyhoo, the twins, Lachise and Thalem, now have to leave again for their safety. They aren't very happy about that.

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