Saturday, October 19, 2013


I was going to write a list of the ten things I hate most, but instead, how about first I write the ten things I like best? So here, in no particular order, the things are:
  1. Notebooks
  2. Pens
  3. Books
  4. Tea
  5. Coffee
  6. My blue binder, full of the Ventwenoian language stuff.
  7. Bread with apple butter
  8. Google docs
  9. Emails from my friends
  10. Skittles
Now are the things I don't like:
  1. Quiz bowls (Yes, I put this on the top of my list for a reason.)
  2. Spiders (Maybe this should go in 1.)
  3. Math I don't understand, which, so far, has been everything beyond basic stuff.
  4. The vast majority of sciences. Forensics and planetary sciences are pretty cool though.
  5. Flashcards. I will not use those. Fortunately for my Latin teacher, however, he had mentioned briefly something called quizlet, which is AWESOME. Teacher, you win this round.
  6. Black coffee
  7. Being tired
  8. Assassins, murderers, and thieves (I figured I should add those.)
  9. My best friends not being in my school anymore (My friends aren't "things", but I put them on the list anyway, because it is the action of them not being in my school which is so terrible.)
  10. about Roman numerals? I don't understand them, and I don't see why I should. I can count up to six, and I also know ten.

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