Saturday, September 21, 2013



(Picture stolen from here, as usual. Princess is the one with the orange dress {Seriously hoping she doesn't mind that I put her picture in mah blog.}.)


My Confirmation sponsor of awesomeness.

All bow.

*Trumpet blows*

There I was, innocently talking with Ria's brother and one of the middle schoolers outside because play practice was going on, when BAM! A car drove up and people came out! I glanced over, screamed, and ran across the parking lot. (No, there were no cars coming. But even if there were, do you think that would stop me?)

Obviously, I was crying and following and hugging her for the rest of the time. Seriously, I could not stop crying.

I missed her. A ton.

Because my two best friends are last years graduates, I've been super lonely without them. But I didn't know how badly I needed them until I saw Ria in the parking lot with her yellow shirt, brown jacket, and...brown skirt? I'm pretty sure that's what she was wearing.

Oh Ria honey, you're home for the weekend!!!!

And she's promised to come home more often.


*Epic screaming*


And when I got home, there was a LETTER for me!!! From my other best friend.

She's amazing.

And friendly.

And beautiful.

And loves tea.

And books.

And gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card.

*Excitement mounting*


Yes, yes she is.

And she's one of my best friends.


So yeah, yesterday was an awesome day for me. :)

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