Friday, September 13, 2013



They literally got my nose right.

Also, I'm often glaring at people. I try not to do that in class, 'cause I don't want to make my teachers mad. But when I'm alone, I glllllllllllare a fabulous glare.
  1. The INTp [generally] has a small frame and wears well-fitting but unremarkable clothes. This is true of males and females. Many INTp's have a proportionally large nose and will most often have a sullen or gloomy expression on their faces.
I don't know if I have a small frame because I don't really know what that is. I'm just normal sized.

Here's the one for INTJS: INTJ

  1. The INTj is [usually] thin and physically clumsy. This is true of males and females. They tend to dress conservatively and their wardrobes are typically very repetitive. When interacting with people, especially strangers, they are prone to nervousness.
I'm not thin, but sometimes I trip while I'm just walking across the floor.

My wardrobe is very repetitive.



Others (that I wear much less often.)
  1. The INTj is confident in work, less confident in relationships. In their area of expertise, they can be consumed by work and will be driven to get results. They prefer to work independently and without hinderances (i.e. corporate politics or bureaucracy) but will find ways to be successful, if they are interested in their projects. However, in their personal lives, INTjs have problems understanding feelings and emotions and thus avoid frivolous socializing--they will usually have a narrow circle of long-lived friendships.
The INFJ one
  1. The INFj is kind of a pushover, up to a point. Unfortunately (I say "unfortunate" because I'm INFj), they find it hard to refuse other people's requests. They have a mentality where they'll accept other people's troubles at least the one time (often this turns into many times). However, they will build up a quiet resentment towards those who have unreasonable demands, eventually reaching a breaking point where they will quite abruptly cut off contact or have an outburst.
(Dear person who is looking at this and wondering if you're the person I get annoyed with, you're not. You, my dear, are fabulous {you are the person I just sent a letter to, in case you're wondering.}.)

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