Saturday, September 28, 2013

I'm Tired

I'm very tired.

I also have a cold.

So I can't concentrate on my schoolwork. I've started logic, Latin, and literature, but I can't finish any of them. :P

However, I've found this, to learn as soon as I get better:

Ogham and ancient Celtic script

It's "Ogham and ancient Celtic script". That's all I know about it.

Translating Disney songs into different languages and alphabets is very fun! Grant it, the only languages I know are English (which the songs are already in, of course), Latin, and Ventwenoian, a language I made up for the books I'm written. There are five other countries besides Ventweno, so I've still got more languages to make up sometime.

For alphabets, however, I know more than two. I know Tengwar (Elvish), Uruk Runes, and a little bit of Aurek-Besh. I'm certain that I know another one, but I can't remember it. :P

I'd love to learn the Vulcan  and Romulan scripts, but they look extremely difficult. No matter. I shall learn them someday.

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