Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coffee and Tea

I should be thanked.
I'm a big help.

What a fascinating Star Trek mug ;)
Spocky xD

Rune mug
Rune mug


Not ever. (I actually have this quote on my bedroom wall.)

C. S. Lewis: The Proper British Man

Coffee mug. Coffee bean seasonal candle. Made this from a clear mug from the dollar store, ok coffee beans and some ribbon we got on sale at michaels, and a tea light. This was an easy craft to make that took like 15 minutes, it looks great, and smells great!
How to make: Put coffee beans into a clear mug (with a ribbon, it'll look fantastic), then add a tea candle. I really want to try this!

Don't come near unless you have coffee the way I drink it!

Tea is amazing.

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