Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sherlock and {Simple Saturday}

I have been Sherlocked!!!
Here's a GIF of John for you: Vatican Cameo. (John does look like a hedgehog, trust me.)

The show is brilliant. It's set in modern day London, which I thought was a good touch. There are some scenes to fast forward through in The Scandal in Balgravia, but other than that, it's perfect. Sherlock is intelligent and handsome, which is nice. ;) John is loyal and patient. Seriously, that guy has to put up with a lot....

Martin Freeman's John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes in the style of the original Sidney Paget illustrations.
John Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

Mycroft, Sherlock's older brother, is a "minor part of the British Government", when he's not being the CIA or the Secret Service or something, and one of my favorite characters. He is known to the fandom as the "Cake Man", even though cake is not mention in the show. But hey, it still fits. xD He and Sherlock do not get along.

The world needs more Mycroft motivational posters.

A 26 second mini trailer has come out, causing the fandom to writhe and die in excitement. I hope there are no casualties by my posting it:
Killer Teaser Trailer

Also shown in the trailer are Lestrade (with a new haircut!) as detective inspector from Scotland Yard, Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock and John's housekeeper (she won't admit it, though), and Molly Hooper, who works in a morgue where Sherlock often does experiments.

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