Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Superhero Powers

Once someone asked me for some powers their superheros could use in the book this person was writing. While I did not have great answers at time the question was asked, in case the need should arise again, here's some ideas:

 1. Your superhero could recall everything that has ever happened to him. This is actually a brain defect that only twenty people are known to have.

2. All the words that the superhero has ever spoken appears on their hands (Or all the words they've every heard).

3. Your superhero could mind control one other human on the planet, who might be living in Australia. Here's some twists:
     A.  The superhero could mind control that one person, but could not control themselves.
     B. The person they can control is dead, so technically your superhero is bringing someone back to life.

4. Your superhero's personality is either completely left brained or completely right brained and refuses to see things any other way:

Some people read books lying down?

Haha, please don't ponder the state of my mind for thinking these up...I think I'm sane.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Gone With the Wind Name Meanings

Over at The Book Chewers, they're blogging about book character's names. I'll be doing names from Gone With the Wind.

Scarlett: red. Not surprisingly. It goes well with Scarlett's personality because red is fiery and sharp, just like her.

Ashley: ash-tree meadow. I guess it works because ash-trees and meadows sounds soft, and boy, Ashley was soft.

Rhett: advice. Um. Whoa. Well, I guess he does give Scarlett good financial advise, but certainly not moral or social advice.

Gerald: spear warrior. It suits him perfectly, for a more fiery Irishman will never be found.

Ellen: light. This one is wonderful. Ellen was a burning beacon to all who knew her. She was a "fount of wisdom", to quote the book.

Melanie: dark-clothed. Um......NO.

 So, there you go! Hop on over to The Book Chewers, and check out their awesome blog!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You are a very smart person, and you are happiest when you're learning something new.
You're interested in so many things, and you feel like there's always more to discover. You're very curious.

You believe that knowledge is empowerment. You do your best not to be ignorant about anything.
You are well read and continually adding to your database of information. You never stop learning.

Well. I'm okay with that.

What does it says about you? Comment below!

Are You Who, What, Where, or Why?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Peeves

My book peeves:
1. When they introduce a character as the "bad guy", but then turn right around and make him a "good guy" way too soon.
2. The price of a hardcover book
3. When other people don't/haven't read the same books I have
4. When I don't/haven't read the same book other people have
5. When people want me to love the main character, but I don't. I rarely do. The secondary characters are always so interesting.
6. When books are awesome but the covers are NOT.
7. When my favorite character just up and dies on me. :P
8. When the two characters that are obviously made for each other don't end up together.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Literary Dinner Party

I'm have a literary dinner party from The Book Chewers, so here it goes!

1. What are we eating?
Butter bean cookies. It's always good to try new things. (A Thousand Never Evers)

2. Who's cooking?
Mammy. She won't poison us. (Gone With the Wind)

3.  Who's funding this dinner party?
High King Peter (The Chronicles of Narnia)

4. Invite a villain. (Be careful.)
Lord Featherstone. He's an intelligent villain. (That Hideous Strength)

5. Who's likely to make a scene if the food is late?
Mycroft. He's waiting for his cake. (Sherlock Holmes.)

6. Party feels a bit tense. Who's the comic relief?
Delilah (A Thousand Never Evers)

7. Someone's monopolizing the conversation. Who's the hero at this dinner party?
Thomas More and Raphael. They're talking about how to properly treat the crime of thievery. (Utopia)

8. Who wishes they weren't there?
Peter Pan. Parties are not his thing. (Peter Pan)

9. Who's the couple most interested in each other's eyes than the food?
Melanie and Ashley Wilkes (Gone with the Wind)

10. Aw, someone's pet is eating food off the guests' pates. What's the creature and who's the owner?
Smaug's the creature, but he's more likely eaten his owner. (The Hobbit)

And there we have it! Quite the party, isn't it? If you want to host one, just head on over to The Book Chewers and link up there!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Babies: the preferred pets on logical Starfleet students.

(My hair is wet from  shower, not extremely oily.)