Saturday, June 29, 2013

{Simple Saturday}

Here's some news: Today was cleaning day! And tomorrow, as a reward, my family and I are going to see Monsters U. I can't wait. :)

Monsters U review #monstersu

Here's some truth:


Here's some laughs:

Here's some Durins:

Pinned Image
(Uh, Thorin, you're getting violent...)

And that's all, folks!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

{Simple Saturday!}

1. Just got back from a wedding! It was purple themed. Absolutely wonderful.
2. We had terrible rain on the drive home. In less than ten minutes, the heat dropped 25 degrees.
 It's lovely. I just wished it had lined paper....
4. And here's some Spock:
 Yes xP

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Simple Saturday!

{Simple Saturday!}

1. Last night I babysat a ten year old with autism. It's only a mild case, and he acts like any other ten year old (not like I know many of those, but still. I think he acts like one.). He's really a sweet boy. :)

2. Tomorrow (or the day after) I'm going to finally watch Thor! No spoilers, please. I really can't wait to see the ol' guy again.

3. In case anyone still doesn't know....
I am a Spock fangirl.
I actually gave up all my rights (like I ever had any....) to Kili. I still like him, but not as much as Spock.
That was awesome xD THAT'S the moment I decided I liked Spock.
This is the moment I liked Spock and hated Uhura. She really is stupid.

That's all, folks!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Simple Saturday and Seniors

To the Seniors:

Y'all are fabulous. I'm going to miss you a lot. (By the way, how is it that every single one of you looks great in that picture???)

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I love y'all and I miss y'all already.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

{Simple Saturday} time!

{Simple Saturday} time!

My theme: Young Dwarves
(I own ZERO of these pictures.)

Thorin breaking up a fight with Fili, Kili, and some other Dwarves Oh, poor Fili. xD
Thorin breaking up a fight with Fili, Kili, and some other Dwarves Oh, poor Fili.

Young Fili and Kili

And now, just to make every fangirl cry: (I'm sorry.)

(You might not want to go further.)

(Don't say I didn't warn you.)


Well, before the tears start, I'll take my leave, 'cause that's all, folks!