Thursday, May 23, 2013

The One in Which I Say I Miss School

I miss school. A lot.

I miss the people and the memories.

There was this one girl who always asked me for a pen she could use. Of course, that was perfectly fine, because I brought a lot of pens. xD And on our literature exam, when our teacher said that it had to be written in pen, I had to give away EVERY SINGLE PEN I had with me, except for my red one. I figured the teacher did not want them using that.

(Someone never gave back my green pen.... D:<)

And my history teacher...OH MY GOODNESS he has the patience like a saint. For example, one time a class discussion went like this:

Teacher: Your senses can never completely deceive you.

Every single kid: **Thinking up ways our senses can deceive us**

Teacher: **Manages to combat every single response**

Really, it was quite impressive.

I miss the assignments, too. Everything (at least in history) was orderly and entertaining (except for science, but let's not talk about that).

And I miss the seniors already. But let's not talk about that either. I seriously don't like thinking about it.

ANYHOW I miss school a lot, and I am very excited for high school. :) It is very, very near.

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