Monday, May 20, 2013

On Confirmation

Yesterday, on the feast of Pentecost, I was Confirmed with forty-seven other teens. While I have not yet begun to speak in tongues (Holy Spirit, I'm still waiting....), I do, however, have more graces. And that's good too. (But I still want to be oct-lingual.)

The Confirmation was at the Cathedral of Lansing, with Bishop Boyea. Everything went extremely well: I brought up the gifts (or rather, escorted them), was the second person to be Confirmed, and apparently I looked lovely in the light purple dress I was wearing (Thank you very much, kind complimenters :).

HOWEVER. This is how the actual Confirmation part happened:

Bishop Boyea: Juan Diego, be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Me: Amen.
Bishop Boyea: Peace be with you!
Me: And also with you.

Oops. You would think that I haven't been to a Mass in years. No, actually, I do in fact go every week.

But anyhow, everything else went fine. :)

Afterwards I went out to dinner with my Confirmation sponsor and my family. We had a great time. I thank y'all so much for all the prayers that have been prayed, all the thoughts that have been thought, and all the words that have been worded.

(Apparently, "worded" is a word. There's no red line under it. :D)

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