Saturday, May 25, 2013


So, I realize I have not said anything about the fandoms I am in!

So I shall tell you.

LOTR and TS:

This man has given the world so much. Thank you, J.R.R. Tolkien <3
Thank you, J. R. R. Tolkien, for everything.

The Space Trilogy:

The Avengers:

Just hanging out. 

And of course, Disney:

DESPICABLE ME!!! @Mary N (Is this Disney?)OOOOH YESSS. Can you imagine the cape rants?!?

And Dr. Seuss:
If Dr. Seuss wrote Star Wars.

On Writing

So, as probably most of you know, I am very, very into writing. I do it all the time, or at least think about doing it! I have a lot of friends who enjoy writing too.

Here's some writing tips that I've come up with and that I think are actually useful:

1. I found a really, really good writing prompt in this book:

                                                       Write Where You Are: How to Use Writing to Make Sense of Your Life: A Guide for Teens
                                                       Le helpful book
The prompt was to write a short poem, and then to change the verbs with verbs that start with the next letter. For example:
                                              Lay down your head
                                              On a soft silver bed
                                              The stars will shine
                                              The moon will glow
                                              And all will be quiet.
That poem now becomes:
                                             Map down your head
                                             On a soft silver bed
                                             The stars will twinkle
                                             The moon will hope
                                             And all will be quiet.

2. I write better in a notebook than I do facing a long, white computer screen. After writing something in my Trusty Notebook, I then type it onto my Google document where the rest of the story is. Also, this method works really well when my mom does not want me on the computer all day long.
                                                 I absolutely love this notebook. :) It's my favorite of all the ones I have.
                                                         Le Trusty Notebook

3. Write about your dreams. I keep Trusty Notebook by my bed so that I can write my dreams every morning. It might seem really strange, but writing material can come out of dreams!

4. If you want to write another story while you are all ready writing a different one, feel free to start another one anyway. Even if you never finish it, it can give you inspiration for your main book!

5. If people criticize your work of art, remember that they're only trying to help, not kill your heart. You don't have to take their suggestions, but it's always a good idea to consider them.

6. Drink coffee to make your creative juices start flowing. ;)

And that is all. Have a terrific day, folks!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The One in Which I Say I Miss School

I miss school. A lot.

I miss the people and the memories.

There was this one girl who always asked me for a pen she could use. Of course, that was perfectly fine, because I brought a lot of pens. xD And on our literature exam, when our teacher said that it had to be written in pen, I had to give away EVERY SINGLE PEN I had with me, except for my red one. I figured the teacher did not want them using that.

(Someone never gave back my green pen.... D:<)

And my history teacher...OH MY GOODNESS he has the patience like a saint. For example, one time a class discussion went like this:

Teacher: Your senses can never completely deceive you.

Every single kid: **Thinking up ways our senses can deceive us**

Teacher: **Manages to combat every single response**

Really, it was quite impressive.

I miss the assignments, too. Everything (at least in history) was orderly and entertaining (except for science, but let's not talk about that).

And I miss the seniors already. But let's not talk about that either. I seriously don't like thinking about it.

ANYHOW I miss school a lot, and I am very excited for high school. :) It is very, very near.
Ever invented a world and needed maps for it? Ever been fascinated by fictional maps in your favourite fantasy novel? Here are some links for you.
Look at that notebook.

Isn't it beautiful?

Oh li'l red notebook, I feel strongly for thee.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Facts About Coffee

1. After water, coffee is the most popular beverage in the world.

::::D I like this guy.

2. September 29 is national coffee day in the U. S. A (Not every day???).

3. Men find that coffee helps them get their jobs done, while women find it relaxing.

4. Coffee does NOT stunt your growth.

5. Coffee is delicious. Thank the Lord for coffee. :)

(Images found on Pinterest. They do not belong to me.)

On Confirmation

Yesterday, on the feast of Pentecost, I was Confirmed with forty-seven other teens. While I have not yet begun to speak in tongues (Holy Spirit, I'm still waiting....), I do, however, have more graces. And that's good too. (But I still want to be oct-lingual.)

The Confirmation was at the Cathedral of Lansing, with Bishop Boyea. Everything went extremely well: I brought up the gifts (or rather, escorted them), was the second person to be Confirmed, and apparently I looked lovely in the light purple dress I was wearing (Thank you very much, kind complimenters :).

HOWEVER. This is how the actual Confirmation part happened:

Bishop Boyea: Juan Diego, be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Me: Amen.
Bishop Boyea: Peace be with you!
Me: And also with you.

Oops. You would think that I haven't been to a Mass in years. No, actually, I do in fact go every week.

But anyhow, everything else went fine. :)

Afterwards I went out to dinner with my Confirmation sponsor and my family. We had a great time. I thank y'all so much for all the prayers that have been prayed, all the thoughts that have been thought, and all the words that have been worded.

(Apparently, "worded" is a word. There's no red line under it. :D)

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I love learning foreign languages, and while I have not yet learned Dwarven, here's a few words that can start me, and anyone else, off!

**Majestic look**

(Bofer's so cute. :)


When I see a notebook, I just burst into li'l pieces. (well, not literally. But you get the idea.) I also burst when I see pens or pencils.

I post way too many writerly things. But these are just beautiful.
(I have a notebook that it very similar to these. I love it. :)

Even the most hard-hearted pen hated would have to say these are beautiful.

I absolutely love this notebook. :) It's my favorite of all the ones I have.
THIS is the notebook I was talking about. It's much darker in real life, because of all the wear and love I've put into it.

Scribes need things like this strapped to their belts (Leather Pencil Roll). And I want one too. :)
Gorgeous pencils!

And I think you all know this by now:
I gasped when I saw this.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Disbanding Myths About The Silmarillion

1. The Silmarillion is boring.
No. The only people who think it's boring are the people who've never read it. I mean, there's dragons (real dragons, not the fake li'l weird ones), curses, fictional languages, romances (but not too much to make the book awful), humans and immortals, gods, and the being who made them: Iluvater. He's one of my favorite characters. :)
2. "You read The Silmarillion? Get a life!"
This one's pretty funny. I read TS because I chose to have many lives and to know about other people's lives.
3. It's too long.
It's long, yes, but a lot of stuff happens.
4. It's not important to Middle-Earth. You can read the trilogy without reading TS and it won't matter at all.
Frankly, I like TS a lot better than the trilogy. It really draws me into it and makes me want to read more. I'm not saying that the trilogy is bad, it just doesn't enthrall me.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Reading List

+Iris Hanlin was asking her blogger friends what books they want to read over the summer (, so here is my list!
              1. The Silmarillion. I've already read this, but hey, there's no problem reading it again, right? ;)

2. Ranger's Apprentice. My sister has been reading these, so I think I'll have a hand at it too!
The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice Series #1)

3.Gone with the Wind
Gone with the Wind

4. Scarlett: The Sequel to Gone with the Wind. It was not written by Margaret Mitchell, but I want to see what it's like.
Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm Here!

Why, hello world! I have finally been able to make my blog work, so now I shall try to post as often as I can (sorry!). I'll post more after the play I'm in, of course. I'm a fairy in Midsummer Night's Dream. More about that later, along with some pictures, I hope.